TODAY   |  May 31, 2013

Fashion ideas for summer brunch, bridal shower

Stylist Lindsay Albenese shows bold colored shorts and silk and cotton pants that will help you look trendy and feel comfortable at summer events like bridal shows, barbecues and brunch.

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>>> friday, with today's style and fresh ideas on what to wear for awful those great weekend outings.

>> lind sid albany has got you covered.

>> last time she was here she was engaged, now she's married and apparently it's working out well.

>> it really is.

>> five looks for us.

>> today i'm going to get you reinspired for what you would normally wear, for a summer excursion and events.

>> let's pretend we, kathie lee and i are going to a barbeque. what should we wear?

>> you would probably normally wear an easy throw-on dress.

>> bring out britney .

>> or jeans and a top. but we are going to get a little more adventurous. this is britney and she has on a little t.j. maxx ensemble. and i've experimented with bright color and print. she's wearing shorts from t.j. maxx , which we love because they're designer items for half the price and then what's so cool is we've added a print on the foot. and these are aerosoles and they feel like slippers, they use comfort technology. the way to add personality without wearing too much print.

>> they're just adorable.

>> little touches.

>> thank you, britney .

>> not your normal barbeque outfit.

>> in this case, we're going to a sunday brunch, what would we wear?

>> probably a dress. right?

>> but not ashley .

>> i don't know if you guys are seeing in fashion, a lot of printed pants, and sometimes they can get confused with pajama parties. but we've found a polished pair. derek lamb for kohl's.

>> apple television lamb.

>> that helps me remember.

>> i love when high-end designer shares a love and designs for the masses. these pants are kohl's, $54. breathable, comfy even in humid weather. and the t-shirt looks so comfortable.

>> when in doubt with the fitted pants, a nice-fitted t-shirt.

>> the detail is cool on the t-shirt.

>> i layered a tank under the top. because i felt it was a little risque.

>> that's another little, if you have an open back like that just pick a tank in the same color and you never know.

>> thank you, ashley .

>> thank you, ashley .

>> let's pretend kathie lee and i were going on a road trip . what should we wear?

>> you probably would wear sweats.

>> maybe something really comfy.

>> what is barbara wearing? that wacky barbara .

>> barbara is wearing a land's end ensemble. go for longer skirts that have a little blend of poly, liycra or spandex. and when the car is blasting air conditioning , you can cozy up. barbara has said when they go on road trips , that her husband blasts the ac, so this is the perfect outfit for her and it's layers you can take off the top and take off the scarves.

>> scarves, all year-round.

>> let's pretend that kathie lee and i were going to a bridal shower . what would kim wear?

>> so, there is of course the great summer dress , we get it. but why not experiment with some men's wear. we're seeing so many blazers and button up blouses and shorts in fashion right now. this is from and you can actually buy this whole look online. the shorts are $49 and as you can see, we did a really bold print and then kept the jacket, white linen jacket, which is perfect.

>> i love white linen, all summer long. very springy.

>> you'll wear into your baby or bridal shower with someone that no one else is wearing.

>>> finally if you're going to bobbie thomas's wedding tonight, how about a summer wetting? what should we wear.

>> if you're going to bobbie thomas's wedding, i would suggest that you go long. long is --

>> i thought you were talking about something flowing. because it's hot tonight and just bright and pretty.

>> this look is from marshall's, a designer dress for $69.99, our destination spot for designer finds, what's great is like i said, going long is elegant. you can wear flats or a lower heel. for people who don't want to deal with the feet hurting and you can get it tailored for the height of