TODAY   |  May 31, 2013

New Jockey bra uses new sizing to account for volume

Jockey is unveiling a new bra that uses “3-D sizing” to take into account the shape and volume of a woman’s breast and uses a “fit kit” sent to a woman’s home to help her find a bra that fits her perfectly.

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>>> listen up women on the front page of the "new york times" a new way of thinking when it comes to bra sizes . could the term 32b, 32c be a thing of the past? jockey has come up with a new sizing system dumping the traditional measurements of busts in a whole new way and jen is here to take us through it. tell us about the new sizing system, what does it mean? how will it work?

>> the new sizing system takes it from a 2-d to 3-d, taking into account the shape of a woman's breast. before it was a mathematical equation. now it will take into account the volume, the whole volumetric system. fit kit and different cups and you can figure out what the right cup, the right shape everything is for you, it's about the 3-d experience, makes sense since most of us are 3-d.

>> you get a fit kit in a store so you go in and try on certain cups? obviously by the time you get it home it's too late.

>> it's interesting, too. you go on to their website and order a fit kit. the fit kit comes to your house in your own time you can try it, see what's right for you. it comes with a credit so the fit kit is $19.95, you get a $20 credit for a bra, figure out the right shape and order it and they've got every different style of bra you would need. in between different brands even in the same brand hard to find the same.

>> what happens, this is only for jockey, right?

>> this is only for jockey. we'll see what happens but this is something that jockey spent eight years developing and because they promise that none of the bras will ever go out of style, they'll never discontinue everything. once you know your size and fit you can reorder all of their different size styles.