TODAY   |  May 31, 2013

Do you Prancercise? Fitness sensation goes viral

A fitness routine called Prancercise, which creator Johanna Rohrback says is “all about self-expression,” has been making waves online. She shows off some moves on TODAY.

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>>> we have with us the founder of the new phenomenon in exercising called prancercising, joanna warbach. what is it about it that makes it exercise. how did you develop it?

>> how did i develop it? i started doing a very intense exercise routine involves power walking with ankle weights and one day i was like hearing a really good tune and i started to stretch my limbs very rhythmically forward and then the rest is history, i developed the track, the walk, the gallup and the box.

>> and you wear weights on your ankles i see.

>> uh-huh.

>> are you surprised how this has taken off?

>> oh my god i'm grabber ghasted, thrilled. woke up almost in shock when i saw all the hits on the youtube, and i mean it's like i think over 2 million now and it's like, wow!

>> you're going to have to show us some of your moves.

>> absolutely.

>> are you going to teach me a couple of steps in here we go, al. you want to do it with me?

>> it's much better if you do it.

>> am i really going to burn calories, how do you do this?

>> just have fun.

>> what do i do?

>> you got to hear the music.

>> let's hear the music in our head, here we go, got something.

>> pull your arms back and lift off the ground and go forward rhythmic rhythmically.

>> wow. this is fantastic.

>> very ugly i might say.