TODAY   |  May 30, 2013

Michael Jackson backup singer cut from ‘The Voice’

Singer Judith Hill, a former backup singer for Michael Jackson, was eliminated from Adam Levine’s team on NBC’s “The Voice” and says that getting cut from the competition was like a scene from “The Hunger Games.”

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>> all right. with a performance like that, nobody could believe it when judith hill. a former back-up singer for michael jackson was sent packing from "the voice." it means she gets to be here with us today and a breathtaking career in the future. don't you think?

>> absolutely. by the way, i watched that night and i was so dispointed, what does it feel like to be up on stage when you didn't hear your name called?

>> it was like -- "the hunger games" it was scary. it was like you're on the chopping block and everyone is screaming and, it's pretty -- surreel.

>> any idea why it happened? it shocked everybody, especially adam, your coach. you had been considered the front-runner from the time you opened that beautiful mouth of yours and started singing it was like well -- give her the trophy.

>> what do you think?

>> you know, like anything could happen on those shows and i learned that. but i had a blast up there on monday i felt like i gave it my all.

>> we know it.

>> the band was burning, we were all just going in.

>> and your hair was so cool.

>> it was the best hair ever.

>> so what, what next? i mean obviously you had a big career before "the voice." now everyone has seen you on the big stage what do you think is next for you?

>> well i'm excited because i get to rejoin the cast of "23 for stardom" and promote a film that's coming out, an amazing documentary film coming out about the unsung heroes and back um artists and then i'm going to get right into my record, i've started it.

>> you have a record deal ?

>> i'm in the talks. but i'm definitely writing the music.

>> do you write your own stuff?

>> i write my own stuff.

>> of course you do, judith.

>> she's the best. we love you and -- we wish you the best of luck.

>> we're going to hear your name and your voice for years and years. thank you so much. god bless you.

>>> you can catch "the voice" mondays and tuesdays at 8:00 on nbc.