TODAY   |  May 30, 2013

Tough Mudder challenges stress teamwork over competition

A new physical challenge sweeping the globe pushes its participants to the max with icy baths, daunting climbs, even electric shocks. Tough Mudder competitions are not only feats of strength and endurance, but also achievements of teamwork and camaraderie.

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>> 12 grueling miles, 25 down and dirty obstacles. and on this early morning outside chicago, 20,000 people who wouldn't want to be anywhere else. this is tough mudder, the vision of a former british counterterrorism officer who wanted to start a race where teammates helped teammates, teams help other teams and the race isn't a race at all.

>> it's a challenge. it's not about stepping over the next guy to the finish line , it's about turning around and helping them get over that finish line .

>> we're all here together. helping each other out.

>> and that spirit of comradery over competition has struck a cord worldwide.

>> we went from three events and 20,000 people in 2010 to 53 events and over 1 million people this year globally.

>> not bad considering some of the obstacles those people have to endure.

>> it's awesome. it's a dumpster full of 15,000 pounds of ice and basically the worst ice cream headache you're going to have.

>> savannah and natalie, i know you girls look nice on tv, but kiss the mud 40 feet on your bellies, like to see matt out here too.

>> each challenge tests not only the body but the mind, as well. facing a fear of heights, leaping over a blazing fire. or one obstacle that strikes fear into even the most seasoned tough mothers.

>> i've done 16 tough mudders. and it's 10,000 volts of live electric wires .

>> i get hit so hard every time. i got hit several times today. it's nasty.

>> why on earth would people put themselves through this?

>> something we'll remember as a group. that's what we're going to take away from it.

>> we work together and depend on each other and it's a good way to count on each other outside of work.

>> i'll tell you about the marine veteran out here on a prosthetic, the women running overcome cancer, and people running in memory of a friend who died in afghanistan. tough mudder brings it out.

>> come in a suit or tutu and in the end, everyone looks the same. many tough mudders have just one question.

>> when's the next one?