TODAY   |  May 30, 2013

Ad showing pregnant 70-year-old stirs controversy

A new ad campaign in Great Britain is stirring up controversy. To alert women about the risks of pregnancy late in life, it shows a 46-year old TV personality made up as a pregnant 70-year-old.

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>>> this one is causing controversy across the pond coming from a british newspaper "the telegraph" called get britain fertile shows a 46-year-old tv personality dressed up to look like a pregnant 70-year-old. here's the campaign. now the group behind the campaign says it is trying to start the conversation about the consequences of delaying childbirth, but many are furious about this one commentator. even tweeted women struggling with fertility or lack of partner do not need this campaign in their face. 2:00 it certainly has gotten the conversation started. people are paying attention to it. having struggled with fertility issues, i think it's an important thing that a lot of women don't talk about. you think you can get pregnant when you want to.

>> i think people do know. i don't know you need a public awareness campaign.

>> at a certain age, but when you're all about your career in your 20s, you don't necessarily think about, you know, your fertility or what are my chances?

>> well, if the image is supposed to shock, i think it does.

>> 50% of all fertility problems originate with the man.