TODAY   |  May 29, 2013

9 foods for kids who are picky eaters

Jessica Hartshorn from Parents magazine shows off selections that may get your picky eaters to eat their fruits and vegetables, including stir-fried broccoli, veggie dumplings and icy grapes.

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>>> time for "today's kitchen." what's cooking? we have lots of food for picky eaters. if your child would give up toys for a week before he looks at a broccoli pizza, you're not alone. jessica hartshorn has some options to make it fun.

>> it's all about presentation and how you cook it.

>> they don't like the raw broccoli, because it's so hard. if you steam it, it gets the mushy texture. we talked to a taste researcher who said a quick stir-fry, some broccoli and salt, i am too lazy to even stir-fry, so i bake mine in the toaster oven, and it gives it the best texture.

>> you're wacky, you know that, jessica?

>> this is a peanut sauce . if your kid is addicted to chicken nuggets , you try something like a chicken satay, where you put it on the stick. maybe they won't notice. i would use a blunt-tipped popsicle stick.

>> so they don't pierce themselves.

>> we talked to a waiter at a japanese restaurant . edamame is a magic maker.

>> they call it popcorn in japan.

>> totally delicious.

>> and wontons, sneaky way to get vegetables in. and they're in the freezer or refrigerator section of your supermarket.

>>> a school lunch planner told us a secret. she says kids don't like it if you've mixed the textures together, but let them do it themselves. it trumps the issues if they have control over it. or give it a cute name. this is traffic light peppers. i have a 5-year-old friend who doesn't love veg tables, but she loves the peppers, because they're sweet.

>>> and then a flavor scientist told us to serve it with a familiar, and they may not notice.

>> they're delicious. they really are.

>>> here's a little frozen treat.

>> a preschoolteacher using orange juice with the pulp, and makes it like a slushy.

>>> and the frozen grapes are such a great treat.

>> again, a few picky eaters have a problem with the textures, but if you freeze them, they're like candy.

>> great in the summertime.

>> just slice them in half in your kid is 4 or under.

>>> more of the " real housewives of new jersey" tell us about the new season.

>> weren't they just here?

>> i think they were.

>>> finally a reason for me to get in here tomorrow.