TODAY   |  May 29, 2013

Will UV-protective clothing replace sunscreen?

Sascha de Gersdorff from Women’s Health gives Kathie Lee and Hoda a quiz about sunscreen and explains why UV-protective clothing won’t replace slapping the stuff on your skin.

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>>> all right. i'm dying here. you head to the pool, you smother yourself and the kids with sunscreen. you think you have it all covered, right? not so fast.

>> no, no, no, there's so much more to keep your skin safe from the sun. here to put your knowledge to the test is sasha. from "women's health." all right. let's kick it off. true or false. number one, sunscreens need to contain antioxidants to be effective.

>> yes.

>> yes, you are correct.

>> stuffs a guess.

>> it was the right one. they add an extra layer of protection, so add things for green tea , vitamin c. any time it says antiobjection dat, that gives you a little boost. uv protective clothing is just as good as sunscreen.

>> the answer is true.

>> it is not.

>> you need both.

>> kathie lee is right. uv protective clothing is a gray weight to help block your skin, but you need it every day, no excuses. number three -- sunscreen and sun block are never fully waterproof. kathie lee ?

>> true.

>> this is correct.

>> this is a new rule with the fda.

>> one day i'll get it right.

>> the fda says you are no longer allowed to write waterproof, so when you see that, you know it's bog us many the new thing is water resistant.

>> there you go. this is a blowout.

>> i think it's 4-0.

>>> you can use sunscreen up to four months after it expires. kathie lee .

>> that is true.

>> that is not true.

>> i've done it.

>> i think we've all done it. just as you wouldn't want to use expired milk for anything. it breaks down --

>> is it better than nothing.

>> sometimes it could be better than nothing if you've got absolutely nothing.

>> there you go.

>> but try to keep it fresh. check the expiration date. next one.

>>> anything under sp f-15 is ineffective.

>> that's definitely false.

>> this is true. so --

>> why even have it?

>> what you want to do. sp f-15 protects you from burning, but it does not protect against the uv rays that cause aging and skin cancer , you may not get a sunburn, but you're still at high risk . use spf 30 or above.

>> only one more, so this is the tiebreaker.

>> okay. here we go. one heavy coat the sunscreen provides enough protection from the sun?

>> false.

>> oh, i knew that one. i knew it was false.

>> oh, that was good. what do i get, jer? although doinggone hat.

>> i'm the one that needs it.

>> and the glasses.