TODAY   |  May 29, 2013

Khloe Kardashian ‘so excited’ for Kim, Kanye’s baby

The Kardashian family is set to launch a new season of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” on which the sex of Kim’s baby with Kanye West will be revealed. Kim’s sister Khloe Kardashian Odom tells Kathie Lee and Hoda that she is looking forward to the new baby, and says Kim’s relationship with West is great.

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>>> the kardashians are back, as if they ever went away. the family is getting ready to kick off season 8 of their hit reality show on e?

>> with kim being pregnant, everyone wants to know the sex of the baby, so they head to the doctor with kim . take a look.

>> let's have you lay back. let's turn down the light. this is the femur bone, see? the thighbone?

>> look at that. look at the little ankle.

>> oh, kim , look.

>> we'll have to look around for the sex.

>> we'll have to look for the little --

>> was that your mom saying th -- was that you saying that?

>> no, that was my mom.

>> you know the sex of the baby.

>> and we all will know on sunday, in the first episode. it's crazy, because we went until like three different doctor appointments. the baby kept sitting like indian style and we couldn't find 9 sex, and it was so frustrating. it was happy we found out.

>> are you excited to have another baby in the family?

>> i'm so excited. mason is even more excited than that. so cute to see how --

>> he has little penelope, already.

>> but when it's your sibling, they have a --

>> penelope is obsessed with mason. but mason is still kind of jealous.

>>> you've been very open about your longing for a child, but they don't know you. you're very happy for your sister.

>> i'm so happy for kim .

>> you seem happier about this episode than kim , which i just looked at.

>> i think for kim , for kourtney , it was so easy and natural.

>> she's like your mom.

>> even for me, my gosh, in the movies it's so different, it looks fabulous. with kim it's fabulous, but there's highs and there's lows, and that's what you get to see on the season acti, too. i think it's great for the women to see that. especially in the beginning, it was so uncomfortable, and she is was married to kris at that time.

>> so thank god that's done.

>> what did you make of the dress oh, the net? i think kim is beautiful. i wish -- i just felt like it was too covered somewhere. she's like -- her body -- they now look like one.

>> why didn't kanye come to the --

>> he was at the previous ones and we never could find out. that was just one that he wasn't there. we were videotaping it on the iphones and everything, but he was --

>> is everything okay in that department with those two?

>> they're great. he's in l.a. now with kim , and they're great, yeah. i think he had a concert or something that he couldn't be there for that one.

>> so i watch the episode --

>> uh-oh.

>> are we in trouble now?

>> you're not.

>> kourtney and scott, what was going on with that episode? is there anything you guys won't discuss? illustrates i think we take turns on that. i still will talk about anything. that's just how i am, but kourtney are getting a little raunchy and wild, don't you think? you have to put soap in her mouth.

>> or somewhere. you know what i'm saying.

>> was she with us when we ran into you at lunch?

>> no. caddy and i were having lunch out there, what, about two months ago. we're leaving the ivy as the convoy was arriving.

>> we randomly --

>> and her mom thought i was busted, you didn't call me, and i called her twice.

>> she doesn't check her voicemail. she was busted.

>> now, bruce is moving out, too. that's all i'm going to say. you can catch the season premiere .

>> i know. i love bruce.

>> keeping up with the kardashians , this sunday night.