TODAY   |  May 29, 2013

American Cancer Society marks 100th birthday

Aimee Belgard, a spokesperson for the American Cancer Society, talks about the Moment Against Silence campaign the organization has launched to celebrate its 100th birthday, encouraging people to be loud and active in the fight against the disease.

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>> wanted to say hello to amy belgard from the american cancer society . you're celebrating the 100th birthday and hoda kotb , our very own celebrity special person for acs. happy birthday .

>> happy birthday .

>> you guys belong on a smuckers jar now, fantastic. how important is this milestone?

>> it's so important. let me just tell you a little bit from my own experience why it's so important. i, unfortunately, lost both of my parents to cancer very early in life, but my mom first diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 37, i was 9 years old, wasn't supposed to live a year, but because of the great work of her doctors and the american cancer society she saw my sister judy and i get through elementary school , on through high school , higher education . she celebrated 20 more birthdays because of the research of the american cancer society funded by the american cancer society .

>> hoda, we know, of course, your valiant struggle with breast cancer , you documenting it. how important is the american cancer society , not just for folks who suffer from breast cancer but family members and all the people dealing with different kinds of cancers?

>> i think the great thing about this group is encourages you to tell your story. people put their grief and put it deep in their pocket and go on with their life and they want it over. the american cancer society sheds light on something and makes you realize, a, you're not alone, and, b, people are there working with you and the work these guys do, al, you know, is immeasurable so i'm proud to be a celebrity spokesperson for you guys.

>> thank you.

>> thank you so much and happy birthday .

>> happy birthday , girl.

>> may i just say also we're celebrating the moment again silence, go on to help finish the fight. it's so important.