TODAY   |  May 29, 2013

Nike ends partnership with Livestrong

The TODAY anchors chat about the topics making headlines today, including the announcement that Nike is cutting ties with Livestrong, a nonprofit foundation supporting people affected by cancer, as the latest fallout from Lance Armstrong’s doping scandal.

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>> end of the week it will be nice.

>> and then you'll be complaining how hot it is.

>> no, i love it when it's hot.

>> our "take 3." our take 1, nike , i don't know you heard about this. nike saying so long to livestrong . long partnership with nike and livestrong . lance armstrong 's cancer charity. nike announced tuesday they are cutting ties with the charity. nike said it will stop making those livestrong bracelets, the apparel ubiquitous for so long after this holiday season . said it will honor its financial commitment to livestrong when the deal expires in 2014 . this generated a ton of money for livestrong . something like $100 million.

>> out of the 500 million or so raised by livestrong to fight cancer. they are an incredible charity. done so much. rated four stars with the charity navigator so a great charity.

>> really sad given that it's done so much great work.

>> right.

>> and it's kind of cut ties with lance armstrong .

>> right.

>> so you're -- you're really punishing the people that it helps.

>> you can understand a little bit though where nike is coming from because the brand is so associated with lance armstrong .

>> sure.

>> yeah, that days after people wearing the livestrong bands, after thinks interview where he basically confessed to doping, people, you know, would comment. you should stop wearing the apparel.

>> yeah.

>> so you can understand where nike sort of had to make that decision.

>> i went into a local bike and running shop, jackrabbit. they were selling like this -- the lance armstrong livestrong --

>> 50% off.

>> it wasn't discounted. i said, dude, i think you need to discount this if you want to move it along.

>> and a lot of people pointed out nike kept their endorsement deal with tiger woods and after what michael vick went for. it compromises who you are as an athlete, if you're cheating, it's not personal but professional.

>> the brand so strongly -- the charity so strongly associated with lance armstrong .

>> yeah.

>> as you say, al, you hate to see kids or anybody with cancer suffering, and it all comes back to lance armstrong .

>> maybe they can reinvent themselves and move on from there.

>> a lot of experts think that the charity is going to suffer too greatly, that they will continue to do great work and they will continue to raise money and funds, so hopefully the support will stay there, and maybe they will find somebody else that they can use as a sponsor.

>> let's hope so. our take 2, looking at a couple of celebrities in the spotlight this morning first of all, beyonce. you may have seen this video online . a fan slapping her back side, shall we say, during a concert in copenhagen. this was on sunday at the forum venue. this video has gone viral.

>> not acceptable.

>> not acceptable.

>> she was singing "irreplaceable," stopped for a send and went on with the performance and said something like i'll have you escorted out right now. according to one music website, the fan was permitted to stay and watch the remainder of the show.

>> i wouldn't have let him stay. he should have been booted from that show.

>> anyone who jumps on the stage is thrown out. if you assault the artist?

>> it's a very fine line. anything could have happened.

>> that's harassment, yeah.

>> ever been slapped on the tookus?

>> we were in chicago last week, and a guy asked for a picture. i wasn't slipped though. asked for a picture. his hands -- his arm was around my waist, and by the picture taking process slowly started to move down, and that's when our security guard and one of the producers, like, okay, we're done with the picture now and said we're done, let's go.

>> i was just surprised the mayor would do that.

>> can you believe that?

>> the chamber of commerce , they are welcoming her to chicago.

>> oh, man.

>> isn't it fun to have sometimes you're taking a picture, sometimes with an older lady and she takes liberties and will go down there and just grab at you?

>> no, haven't had that happen, willie.

>> really, when it's like a grand mother, you just kind of go with it. what's the problem, no?

>> i guess i'm alone.

>> has that happened a lot.

>> tell me a story, grandma, what's going on?

>> "people" magazine sexy at any age.

>> all i'm going to say is grandmas can be a little handsy. the other story, justin bieber bei driving freeway speeds in a gated community .

>> keyshawn johnson 's daughter was in the driveway playing with an electric car .

>> took her in the house and drove to wieber's house.

>> and he ran in the house, eric dickerson , another nfl great lives there. he tweeted down bieber needs to slow down. kids playing in the neighborhood.

>> hopefully having all of these other guys call him out on it will do something.

>> slow it down a notch.

>> take 3 is a story that's in the " wall street journal " this morning. just look me in the eye , already. people apparently using a lot less eye contact nowadays in work and social settings. in the middle of a conversation, all seen this. somebody goes down.

>> goes down, looks down, goes down right here.

>> there's different categories.

>> right, and we wanted to see what you think you are.

>> mm-hmm.

>> so first --

>> is he still looking?

>> so the first being the table talker. looks down as willie is doing at the table, and just has to keep texting.

>> you've got the laser gazer as al is staring intently.

>> or the creeper.

>> staring creepily into your eyes and just can't let go.

>> there's the drifter who -- he's still there. still got you.

>> okay >> the drifter lacks steady eye contact , and the faker. he looks in the listener's eyes, but at the same time is texting a message.

>> or looking over the shoulder somebody else.

>> when you're at a party and you're talking to somebody, and you can see they are scanning and looking for somebody better than you are. they are looking for somebody who has got more buzz than you.

>> that never happens to al roker .

>> what would that person be, that would be the social climber , the one who is always looking past you to get to the next person?

>> it is true though. everybody looks down. out to lunch with somebody, telling a fascinating story, and then, yeah, not that interesting.

>> that's why i don't pull out the phone or anything during any sort of lunch.

>> i bring out an abacus.

>> abacus.