TODAY   |  May 28, 2013

Quick fixes for creaking floors, wood scratches, more

John Desilvia, host of “Rescue My Renovation” on the DIY network, demonstrates how you can use walnuts to eliminate scratches in wood, baby power to stop creaking floors and the best way to clean a dirty shower head.

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>>> it's time for today's quick fix, when we help you with all of those problems around the house that you wish you could take care of yourself.

>> you can now do it, thanks to us. the talented one here is john desilva , the very handy host of diy network 's "rescue my renovation."

>> hello, john.

>> i am italian.

>> looking very italian.

>> what are we going to fix with walnuts?

>> scratches on the floor?

>> this is my favorite quick fix. take a walnut, take it in half, you want to expose the oil and just run it over the scratch.

>> and the natural oil --

>> yes, the natural oil. take your finger, you see the oil, rub it in.

>> how long does that last?

>> forever.

>> really?

>> you have a dog, right?

>> yes.

>> your dog scratches the floor all the time. this is perfect.

>> i have to stop eating.

>> creeky floors, you've got the cure.

>> baby powder . creaky floors are annoying. you spray it on the floor. take a brush. it smells good, too, right? get it between the boards. and this will lubricate the floor and stop it from creaking. really great fix. you don't have to list ton that annoying noise any more.

>> and you have the white stuff in there?

>> that, you're not supposed to see that that will go away. you take the walnut.

>> it does work.

>> or gum.

>> look at the walnut. it works.

>> walnut fixes everythingq

>> nice job, john. you now the slipping carpets you have in your house. great fix, akrilism latex caulk, a nice, healthy bead.

>> you don't want to try?

>> you better want to do this. because once that goes down --

>> yes, that stays there.

>> okay.

>> we have another one set up -- this is a glass table, right? look at the way that sticks now.

>> let it dry.

>> what if you decide you want to change it to a different rug someday.

>> you don't stick it to the ) floor.

>> you put it to this.

>> so it won't slip.

>> why didn't you say that, john see civ desilva.

>> i thought you were playing attenti attention.

>> i was thinking about those rugby things.

>> i want those rugby things.

>> now we have a dirty shower head. quick fix. put some -- vinegar. distilled white vinegar.

>> that's a lot.

>> help me put this over. oh boy. i liked the baby powder better.

>> let that soak in there. for about an hour or so.

>> and then throw it on a salad.

>> throw it on a salad. and look at the way it comes out.

>> nice.

>> we're going to have to take your word for that.

>> let's take it off, because it's going to fall down.

>> i'm a control freak .

>> we only have -- oh no. great.

>> look at the mess you're making.

>> is john yelling at me? i don't even know john.

>> i got it.

>> john, leslie, can i hand you this?

>> always cleaning up after hoda.

>> the frames on your wall that are always tilting and scratching?

>> cut a little eraser off. turn your frame around and glue it. to each corner. okay.

>> is that going to leave some sort of marks or anything on the wall?

>> no, you want to do that on each corner with the glue. and then you stick it up and it stays.

>> this is what it looks like, it protects the wall, it doesn't move and you'll