TODAY   |  May 28, 2013

KLG: Amanda Bynes was ‘talented’ and ‘refreshing’

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb chat about Amanda Byne’s recent arrest, and KLG, who shot an episode of the “The Amanda Show”, says she remembers the actress as talented, funny and “refreshing”.

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>> announcer: "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb , live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza .

>> so glad you're with us for booze-day tuesday, did you miss us? it's may 28th . it's a short week. which puts us in a good mood.

>> even those of us who love our job.

>> how was your long weekend?

>> first you tell me about yours, hoda. because you're the one that went off to rehoboth and left your dog at home.

>> he was sick, he couldn't ride for four hours.

>> the vet said it wasn't a great idea. he's fine now. he's all better. our whole family, my brother, his wife, their two kids, my mom and i went to rehoboth , there we are enjoying a meal. it was a great, great time. congratulations to colleen who graduated as a nurse practitioner. look at the kids with their new bathing suits. hannah spent some dime trying to show me how to hula hoop . because apparently she is really good at it and one of us is not. guess which one is which.

>> okay, ready?

>> oh no! hold on.

>> bump it when it starts to fall down. you bump it.

>> how do you bump it?

>> keep doing it.

>> watch, watch.

>> it's so easy. how do you bump it?

>> watch me.

>> i'm going to start to move like this.

>> now bump. hello!

>> well, we had a a great time.

>> the reason you can't do it is because you have no hips.

>> i don't know how to do it.

>> you have no hips.

>> i did more.

>> it was a beautiful spectacular sunny weekend, both sunday and monday in rehoboth .

>> and you're busy at your point.

>> here's the thing. bobbie thomas is getting married at our house this friday. now all of us who live along the coast pretty much, i don't know anybody that didn't have a lot of storm damage . we were very grateful at the time, that we didn't lose our home. didn't lose our life. so many people lost so much. you thank god for what you still have, you don't complain. but you don't know how much you've lost until this time of year when all your, everything starts to bloom. you couldn't tell if something was just dormant. well we lost at least half our landscaping. so i was walking around with andy, our landscaper and talking about what to do. and it was about a month ago. and i was looking down, where our dock had been destroyed and the seawall, everything and i just thought, it's time to rebuild, dog gone it. the gazebo. we started fixing what was broken and that's where bobbie is getting married. that's where she will say her vows.

>> it's like a hotel.

>> that's where she will say her i do's.

>> that's spectacular.

>> that's a little garden to the side.

>> okay. what else you got?

>> coming up from the, to the point, because and that used to just be an ugly pile of rocks. what i'm trying to say is, the last four days i have been up to my lovely brown eyes , look at that, in dirt.

>> i can't believe how gorgeous.

>> that's the good news. we got all the planting done and it was so much fun. the bad news is? i ate garbage all weekend long.

>> give it.

>> i had kentucky fried chicken twice. and i would eat it again right now if i could. last night, it's all finished and i said, frank. he goes what? i went -- mcdonald's. and he goes yes!

>> what did you get?

>> i ate stuff i haven't seen in --

>> what was xa?

>> well i asked for a quarter-pounder with cheese, it didn't quite come that way. it was a cheeseburger.

>> one of those is not enough.

>> no, i know!

>> so anyway, lucky for me is officially national burger day.

>> where do these could from?

>> these are smashbergers. some of us know what smash means, but i've never had a smash burger before.

>> what do you do, smash it down?

>> i don't know. i got to take the onions off.

>> anyway they're giving away a free burger to anybody with the last name -- "burger" in it or variation.

>> you can't be "burg" it has to be "burger."

>> according to there are 20,000 people in the country named that. and 1500 people are named "hamburger."

>> no they're not.

>> yes, they are and americans consume 31 million burgers every day.

>> get involved, take a bite. just do it.

>> i'm just a dainty little.

>> i can't stand it.

>> you had fried chicken . mmm, that is delicious. i'm not used to manual labor . you know what i'm saying? i work hard, but mostly my work is a cerebral nature. and so i think there's a different kind of hunger when you have been -- a cave woman for four days, you know?

>> yes.

>> i never took my navy hat off. not once.

>> are you crazy.

>> but you know what? i felt -- satisfaction.

>> i cannot wait for this weekend to see how beautiful bobbie looks on friday.

>> she'll be so ugly.

>> let's talk about a scandal that is happening. you know this young lady , this is what makes it more interesting to people at home. but amanda bynes , you guys, it seems like one minute everything was fine and the next minute, the wheels fell off. you feel sorry for her because you feel like you're witnessing something that's beyond someone who is going through a bad phase. she was arrested and brought downtown because police say she threw a bong out of her apartment, that was up 20-plus floors. she claims it was a vase.

>> couldn't she be arrested for either thing?

>> well then her lawyer said there were no remains of anything down below. they said that she was smoking marijuana and she showed up in that wig and then she was tweeting rihanna apparently then she said it wasn't her, saying stuff like chris brown hates you because you're unattractive. something along that line. but you worked with her a long time ago?

>> i did when she had her amanda show on nickelodeon and found her to be so unbelievably refreshing. in that she's so, so talented. so funny. working with her, i felt like it was like -- lucille ball must have been like early on. she was that good. and so next thing you see -- and her family was all around her and they all seemed very, very grounded. and very family-oriented and i just thought this kid has got you know everything she needs to make a successful transformation from child star to adult star. and somewhere along the line something went wrong. and i'm -- really sad.

>> in 2012 , you started recently saying posted pictures on twitder that were funny. they were all these selfie pictures, one she had piercings in her face, one she had just on a bra or something. then she cut her hair all the way off. to show up in court with that wig was very strange. there's not just partying, it seems there's something mentally off. she's a sweetheart actually. i was so impressed with her. you know how i am about kids, and that doesn't mean you're not going to someday see a mug shot of my children, you might. bad things happen to good people. but -- but it's a huge issue for me. and so i just felt like she had everything going. so we reached out to her camp for comment and didn't get it. they're a little busy right now.

>> they are.

>> i so want another bite of my burger.

>> get in there.

>> we're talking about barbara eden .

>> does anybody have any kfc or taco bell or something?

>> i it's addictive.

>> i like the special sauce on the big mac , once you have one when you drive by -- that's all you can think about. so you guys, barbara eden , you guys remember her from "i dream of jeannie." she wore, you remember the very controversial costume back in the day. she's 78 years old and guess who put on the costume and fit back in it?

>> this is her now. you lean in and go with that then? no, 78 years old.

>> look at her belly.

>> her stomach is flat.

>> does she look good?

>> she was in vienna at a charity gala. she was there, bill clinton was there, and some others and i got to tell you, 78 -- how did that, how is that possible?

>> she didn't eat these.

>> i know.

>> she did not eat those.

>> anyway, she looks terrific. we have to talk about something.

>> a very big day .

>> and those of you who watch our show and we love you for it, thank you. realize what a huge deal it was for my show, "scandalous" to come to broadway. so many shows didn't make it for all kinds of reasons. it was one of the greatest experiences of my entire life. we can now tell you that our "scandalous" cd is out. it's available on amazon and itunes and if you didn't have a chance to see the show, you certainly need to hear the performance of carol lee carmello, tony-nominated best lead actress in a musical. she was incandescent and amazing. the whole cast was. some of you, two or three, have been asking me when this might be available. for those of you two, and you know who you are. one of them is my mother, it's available and thank you, everybody for waiting.

>> it's going to be great. and the music is terrific on here.

>> we have to apologize to everybody before we go.

>> we want to say we're sorry for what we said about two things actually. the first thing is -- probably three. the first thing is brad pitt says he has a -- what would you call it?

>> i'm not going to say the word?

>> a face blindness where he can't recognize people.

>> and one in 50 people have apparently. i do plead ignorance on this. i never heard of this before. there are two kinds of ignorance. ignorance where you didn't know something, or ignorance where you know it and choose not to believe it.

>> we didn't know. it is face blindness . people do have difficulty recognizing even their own family members and it's really difficult. the other thing i want to apologize for is all the gluten people are mad at me.

>> everybody. half the world .

>> yesterday we were talking about how guys when they order in restaurants and how sometimes they get a little picky. i wasn't -- and i said i like a guy who eats a steak with both hands and asks me what i'm eating and says are you done with that? i want to eat yours, too. i didn't mean i don't respect people who have food issues, i am riddled with food allergies and i get it.

>> and the guys who get ped puicure pedicures.

>> that i stick by.].