TODAY   |  May 28, 2013

Nick Cannon shows off his ‘white girl’ dance

Host of “America’s Got Talent” Nick Cannon is excited about kicking off the show’s new season next week. He chats with Kathie Lee and Hoda about his new album “White People Party Music” and shows off a few dance moves for the ladies.

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>>> oh, all right. that's nick cannon 's new song, "me sexy."

>> yes, you are.

>> from his brand new cd, " white people 's party music ."

>> that's so offensive to me.

>> his new tv show is coming back in july.

>> i didn't ask for it.

>> and nick is also host of the popular nbc reality competition show, called "america's got talent." take a look.

>> bend over .

>> bend over ?

>> oh, my gosh.

>> oh no!

>> no, indeed.

>> well, welcome back, and welcome to a new season, huh?

>> thank you, guys for having me. you know i love hanging out with you guys.

>> you are adorable.

>> so are you?

>> smells good. looks good.

>> tell us about the new, you've got a new combo of characters. mel b. and heidi klum .

>> and it's so much fun. now each male judge has a female counterpart that they can kind of team up with each other.

>> what alliances have been formed?

>> well first it was like a little beef between mel b. and howard stern , but i think they, it turned into a love-hate thing and then you know --

>> i can relate to that.

>> and then heidi, she gets along with everybody.

>> she's sweet.

>> and so ugly. the woman is sad.

>> how was the talent pool this year?

>> the talent is amazing. i think everybody got really excited when they heard that the live shows would be coming up.

>> is that you?

>> oh, my god.

>> the white people know how to party.

>> they party better than anybody.

>> let's talk bur first album out in eight years.

>> yeah.

>> what inspired the title " white people party music ."

>> i deejay a lot, all over the world and in my deejay crates, i label them different things. when it's time to turn the party up, you put on the white people party music .

>> what's in that group?

>> lmfao, you can even go all way to -- you can go to ring spring field.

>> yeah!

>> that's out there.

>> that's white people party music .

>> now you've got a hidden talent . you apparently, you do a very good white people party music dance.

>> you know.

>> time to crank up the music.

>> the white woman overbite.

>> you know. there it is.

>> i don't want to do that because of that. no. i have to -- like that.

>> and you're young can you do that. when you're old, you have to be hugging your knees.

>> nick, good luck with everything.

>> say hello to mariah and those two beautiful children.

>> how old are your kids?

>> they're two.

>> trouble, trouble.

>> america's got talent premieres june