TODAY   |  May 28, 2013

Eww! Delivery guy eats toppings off pizza

In this security camera clip, a pizza delivery guy is caught snagging a few toppings off of a pie he is dropping off.

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>> yeah.

>> yeah.

>> the next time you order your meat, you want to check the pizza before you tip the delivery guy. check out this surveillance footage. pizza delivery guy in the elevator, heading up to make a drop-off. obviously a little hungry.

>> ooh!

>> there you go. starts helping himself.

>> every slice.

>> to the toppings. this is a long elevator ride.

>> there are two ways to look at this. you could blame this guy as being creepy, or you could say he looked down at the box and realized it was sausage and peppers and the people didn't order the sausage.

>> there you go.

>> so to -- so they would get their pizza in a timely fashion.

>> you have a future as a defense lawyer . never thought of that.

>> actually performing a public service to the people who ordered the pizza.

>> like a monkey grooming itself.

>> i'm with you. solidarity guy.