TODAY   |  May 27, 2013

10 outdoor toys for all ages

Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht shares some fun outdoor toys for kids of any age this summer like a Wave Hoop, an off-road scooter and water guns.

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>>> summer is unofficially at your door. how do you keep the kids out in the great outdoors instead of collapsing in the game room couch with video games .

>> mom insider laurie shack knows how, she knows all kinds of things to keep your kids entertained forever.

>> look at us.

>> do it, laurie, go.

>> we are exercising and having fun with our wave hoops.

>> there's water in there, liquid.

>> it makes it a little bit easier and you get a cool swishing sound.

>> i thought that was my bladder.

>> ride-ones are great for kids of all ages. for our littlest ones, this is our atv, our honda atv . they get on, there's sound, all kinds of noises and there's volume control for parents.

>> and the gliders are great.

>> this is a y glider. eva is on the y-glider. it's got a lean-to-steer method. making it easier. sara and michael are on the razor off-road sport scooters.

>> my kids used to love these things.

>> look at the wheels on that. they can take it off the concrete and onto the dirt.

>> kids love dirt.

>> and have you ever seen

>> i love that.

>> a badminton set like this? it comes with two oversized racquets, a regular birdie and look how great it is. it's great for kids if all ages. from 5 to 99, great for everybody, take it anywhere.

>> tell us about the chalk drawings here.

>> love sidewalk chalk . you know kids can do a hopscotch board, they can be creative. but this is the new crayola colors so we have the 48 original colors that you see in the crayon box.

>> i used to love my box of kra crayons.

>> you wash it away with a hose when you're done or let the rain do it.

>> isn't that great?

>> for our kids that want to pretend, this is the knight's castle. for our little one. lots of fun to go in, lots of great adventures that can happen in here.

>> i used to love those.

>> everyone can build this. kids and their parents.

>> bubbles are hot. everyone loves the bubbles.

>> what makes it better?

>> now we have the bubbles coming right at us with a swing.

>> what's happening?

>> amanda has our sky trick. this is great, kind of a mix of a glider, a kite and she can do all kinds of tricks and amanda, you want to just show us how it glides? if we're outside, this goes way up in the air.

>> we're ready.

>> whoa!

>> that is cool.

>> and in my house it's not summer until we pull out the super soakers . this is the arctic shot.

>> the hair, the hair!

>> not only is there water in here, but there's ice cubes in here, it's icewater.

>> don't go there!

>> tomorrow, just so you know, nick cannon is going to be here to tell us about what to expect in the new season of "america's got talent."

>> and how to get the red carpet celebrity looks for less.

>> and we're going to have a lot of fun. have a great holiday!

>> safe holiday, god bless , everybody, see you tomorrow!