TODAY   |  May 27, 2013

Meet the woman who lost 179 pounds!

Joy Bauer introduces the newest member of the Joy Fit Club, Becky Sigurnjak, who once weighed in at 357 pounds, but after changing her eating habits and exercising, lost 179 lbs.

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>>> and we're back with the latest edition of "look at me now" of the joy fit club , with a member who has lost weight and kept it off.

>> 39-year-old dropped 179 pounds. before we meet her, let's take a look at her incredible story.

>> my name is becky and i once weighed 357 pounds. the weight started to creep on around the age of six. a combination of genetics and a genuine love for food, especially sweets, contributed to my weight gain . i was a daddy's girl. and he believed in showering us with plenty of sugar. and it didn't help that i preferred barbies. by the time i went to college i weighed 200 pounds. as the years went by, i continued to gain weight. my life was ticking away. it was never a bad one, though. i was the bubbly girl that everybody liked. there were dates, but never a boyfriend. job interviews, yet, no offers. food was a comfort that had always been there. the cake would call back. the chips understood my frustration. but one february day, i was simply sitting at work and quietly realized that i had to change. my first feat was facing the scale. it wasn't easy seeing 357. but i knew that i would conquer can it my day was one day, one step, one pound. i joined weight watchers and before i knew it, i was down 100 pounds. at the same time, i joined the ymca. started running, spinning, even dancing to the zumba beat. who was this person? 5ks were one thing, but my half marathon finish last october was a victory i'll never forget. that medal meant more than just the physical rush. i crossed the finish line as a whole new woman, a woman who i truly love from the inside out.

>> wow.

>> that's fantastic. can't wait to see her.

>> the leader of the joy fit pack, "today" nutritionist joy bauer.

>> wow, she's phenomenal.

>> phenomenal. and i think sometimes we lose perspective over how much weight these people are losing. she is gorgeous. so i'm going to give you some perspective. she lost 179 pounds. that's divided up between these two bags of potatoes. try to pick that up.

>> that's, oh, my gosh!

>> that's just 90 pounds.

>> she walked around for years and years with those two bags.

>> honestly, guys, can you believe that.

>> sn.

>> no, that's unbelievable.

>> and because pasta trips up a lot of people. she used to do, a regular big bowl of spaghetti with red sauce and two pieces of garlic bread and salad with the works. this alone, looks like a normal dinner, 1400 calories. now she starts with a salad, with vinaigrette takes the edge off her hunger. one cup of cooked pasta. poofs it up with vegetables, lean protein. this is 450 calories. she's still eating pasta.

>> i can't wait to see where kathie lee is. here is becky 's before picture. here's her after picture. becky , come on out. join the joy fit club .

>> becky , there she is!

>> becky . are you kidding! you look hot!

>> oh, my gosh.

>> and she's single.

>> she's single.

>> and looking. you look great. do you think you were sitting at your desk and it just hit you. did you something hit you?

>> an inner moment i've never been able to describe it to anyone. it just, it hit me.

>> you reached your max. that was it.

>> kathie, just feel this. this is 90 pounds, she lost double this. carrying that around. that's a couple of hernias right there.

>> i couldn't bench press that.

>> you will be by the time you're finished.

>> doing half marathon .

>> i finished my half marathon . i did the marine corps half.

>> of course you did.

>> and i crossed the finish line and crossed my medal and went directly into an ambulance i almost died from it, but i did it.

>> let's take it a little easier next time.

>> wow, you look phenomenal.

>> you're an inspiration.

>> joy, she's something.

>> thank you, congratulations on everything.

>> and let them know at home that you're available.

>> i am available.

>> and you're looking.

>> call me.

>> you don't mind if they get pedicure or are gluten free , right?

>> careful about the gluten thing.