TODAY   |  May 27, 2013

Check out these outdoor tech toys

Kathie Lee and Hoda chat with digital lifestyle expert Carley Knobloch about fun summer tech toys like a self-propelling lawnmower and floating LED pool lights.

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>>> to spend more time hanging in the hack ok than working inned yard.

>> and karlie is here to make your outdoor chores more enjoyable.

>> there must be something techie involved if you're here.

>> you think? we're sitting under this beautiful umbrella by brookstone. typical outdoor umbrella. except it has solar bpanels on top that help you charge your iphone. when it is sunny it collects all the great energy and when the sun goes behind the clouds, you can charge your iphone.

>> this is genius. usually at a back yard barbeque, you have hot dogs and hamburgers. why pizza?

>> pizza is the new hamburger. people want to cook pizza except on the grill, it won't cook. this is a kettle pizza, you put it on right here, you put the lid on and this makes you the perfect pizza.

>> that's adorable.

>> it starts at $149. you add this part in and you have a pizza extravaganza. come with me, ladies. let's talk about this, the lawn mop.

>> you don't have to mow your lawn?

>> it's like a roomba for your lawn. it's $ 1599 . it's a bit of an investment.

>> yes.

>> but if you use a service, it will pay you back in time for sure. and --

>> you can't have acreage with this.

>> this size does a quarter of an acre on a single charge. you put little wires around your perimeter. so it knows which one is your lawn. and it doesn't start mowing your neighbor's lawn.

>> which would be very friendly.

>> it knows where it's going. and there's a sensor, so if it rains or bumps into a tree, it knows how to get around and go back to its little charger.

>> these are not toys. so let's not zap our friends, but these are fantastic bug zappers from sur le table. i don't love the chemicals and bug repellents.

>> you just have to swat?

>> you swat them in the air and they will drop.

>> it's an electrical charge ?

>> it runs on batteries.

>> that could be dangerous for children.

>> yes. there's two buttons you have to press at the same time so --

>> what other things?

>> this is really important and i love this. so you know, you have to watch your kids around a pool. accidents happen. you put this around their wrist, it's the safety turtle immersion alarm and if they become submerged, an alarm goes off.

>> that's fantastic.

>> i have to kill it for the rest of the segment. what's cool about it is it doesn't require any insulation. so can you take it to grandma's house, you can take it to the lake, you can take it anywhere there's water.

>> can you imagine how many lives that could save?

>> every second counts. i love this, these are floating l.e.d. lights, put them in your pool and they have -- all the different colors.

>> you can operate by remote. these are $99 each.

>> they just float around in the pool.

>> that's really cool. pretty.

>>> and then i'm really excited about. this is a projector from 3m. it's portable, it doesn't need to be plugged in. but if you have a wi-fi connection, can you stream, it has a roku stick inside. anything on netflix, on google plus --

>> you can watch on the big screen . this is a big, 120-inch screen that i bought from outdoor tech and --

>> you can easily set this up in your back yard.

>> that's great.

>> the screen is $199 and the projector is $299.

>> hard to show on tv, but it really is a good picture.

>> and you put this in your bag and you can have a whole back yard entertainment system.

>> thank you, sweetie. happy, happy