TODAY   |  May 27, 2013

Should you use expired sunscreen or none at all?

Meaghan Murphy, deputy editor of Self magazine, quizzes TODAY’s Kathie Lee and Hoda on which summer scenarios are worse for you, like working out hungry or exercising after a meal.

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>>> is it okay to eat before a workout or sip a cocktail in the sun? a few questions you may ask yourself if you're concerned about health and fitness .

>> here to help us make the right decisions even though we probably won't, in a game ecall "which is worse" is "self" magazine's editor megan murphy. you look so adorable. eight months and counting.

>> which is worse, using inspired sunscreen or going without spf? hoda?

>> using an expired one is worse.

>> actually no.

>> going without spf, never go without. but the thing about the expiration date , which everybody should know is two months past that expiration date , it begins to lose effectiveness.

>> see, what'sed point. that's what i was thinking. okay. i'm ready.

>> which is worse, a margarita at the beach osh a glass of wine? kathie?

>> a glass of wine.

>> a margarita.

>> it's the margarita. it contains more alcohol and alcohol inhibits a hormone that lets you absorb water. and you want to increase your water-to- alcoholic beverage ratio. so two glasses of water for every drink. which is worse using deet bug spray or risking the bites?

>> which is worse? risking the bites is worse.

>> which is it?

>> that's the real hoda. the one you just saw there. she is like that.

>> i wasn't cheating i was rethinking.

>> risking the bites is worse.

>> you should go into politics.

>> deet gets a bad rap, cheth for infants and newborns. and west nile virus , brain damage, death, no the so hot. okay, which is worse, using the public port-a-potty or holding it in?

>> holding it in.

>> you're wrong.

>> both are okay. people think holding it in will give you urinary tract infection . the truth is, they're equally okay. you're not going to get a uti from holding it in, unless you hold it in all the time. urinary tract infection and the port-a-potty yes, it's gross, but there's only a 1% chance that you're going to get a disease from the seat. which is worse, missing a workout and not making up for it or pushing yourself extra hard the next time you hit the gym?

>> pushing yourself extra hard the next time.

>> that's worse. you need time off to recover, if you push too hard you could get injured.

>> all right.

>> is there a winner? what do you get? look what you get, a hat and