TODAY   |  May 27, 2013

Hoda: Guys, stay out of the spa

Today’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb chat about the hot topics of the day, including whether guys’ grooming habits are a turn-off and why some ladies trash their man’s clothes.

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>>> and a very happy memorial day to all of you watching us today, it's fun-day monday, may 27th , we're thrilled you're with us today. we hope you have lots of great time with family and friends and backyard barbeque and great memories.

>> i always enjoy memorial day it does get us together. our families are together on this day. i'm excited.

>> because we lived in rehoboth. it was the official start of summer. to this day, any time it's memorial day , i think i'm that teenager again, and you feel like the surfers from pensacola coming up. excited about the boardwalk. excited about maybe you know, a summer love . all that good stuff. it was 19 years ago that we first saw the house that we live in now. you know how your life can change like this. and it just, it's a long, long story. but sometimes you just remember, we have crystal clear how day that was, and.

>> and you found the perfect house.

>> yeah. it's been such a gift all these years. and you're coming to it this friday night because we're having a wedding there.

>> bobbie thomas. all right, kids, has this ever happened to you? you've gone to sleep and you have a dream , and in your dream your spouse is cheating on you. in your dream . and you wake up and there he is, sleeping like a baby and you get so mad at him, just laying there, sleeping. unaware of what he did. and truly, you treat him a little bit cruelly that day, because you think, you know, sometimes dreams come true or it's a premonition or...

>> no, i've, everybody says they experience that. i'm always the exact opposite. i'm always so thrilled to realize oh, my gosh, it was just a dream . about anything. about anything, someone has been hurt or someone dies. usually it's anxiety about not being prepared for something. yeah like i'm about to do go on broadway, i do this a lot and i haven't learned the script and i don't know where to stand. but then when you realize it's a dream why are you fine when you realize it's a dream .

>> i think you are. i have it still with school, college, studying for a test, even now, i'm 48, i still have the wake up --

>> but when you realize it's not a test day.

>> no, the affair in the sleep is different than the anxiety of going to take a test or broadway. because, it just is. you can get -- has that ever, have you ever dreamt that you had an affair with someone, in your dream ?

>> i don't think so. hoda.

>> when you did, did you say to frank when you woke up, hey, frank, you know hey i had a dream about the neighbor across the street.

>> i would say something, i have the weirdest dreams.

>> and what if he says, what was it?

>> no, he doesn't.

>> what if he did, what was the dream ?

>> oh, just whatever it is.

>> you'll tell him.

>> i tell him, you know i do.

>> i know you tell. and he forgets about it five minutes later, anyway. so it doesn't matter. nobody gets hurt. i've been honest, he's not upset. things are fine. what about you, what's the worst dream you've ever had?

>> i have terrible dreams. i've had the dream . i've had the dream that, yes. i've had the dream and you do get mad. you get angry and you lash out, almost like you're passive-aggressive, even though you don't mean to be and you're thinking about the dream . sometimes you can't help it. i can't. i mean i try to help it, i can't help it all the time.

>> let's talk about turn-ones and turn-offs. what if you're going on a date and you're at a restaurant and the guy says, is there gluten in that? turn-on or turn-off?

>> well if the guy is going to die if he eats wheat, you've got to understand. if everything else is going great. he looks amazinamazing, he's hot, funny and he really is going to die if he gets wheat, that's fine. but if he says if there's any gluten or dairy in that and you already hate his shoes and he stinks, then it's a deal-breaker. i have loved ones , people are going to die -- if they eat peanuts.

>> then don't order something that's going to remoetdly have it in there, get something else. i'm just saying.

>> are you in a current relationship? maybe there's a reason! somebody doesn't want to die at a restaurant and you say that's a deal-breaker, baby.

>> i like a guy who picks up the meat and devours it and asks me, are you going to eat that? that's the kind of guy i like. i like that kind of guy.

>> then you should have lived in the jurassic area. because everybody did that and there was a tyrannosaurus rex for every man and woman. caveman, hoda.

>> that's what i like.

>> but caveman don't get pedicures.

>> no, indeed, i want clean toes but no buffing and toes in the water. no one likes that.

>> yes, they do.

>> no, they don't.

>> even when i see a guy in the pedicure place, i'm like this, ooh. i want to know. no, i'm against it, i'm against that.

>> while we're on the subject. that's it. that's pretty much all as i sit alone.

>> well, i was just going to say after a while all you're going to care about if they have their own teeth. and after a while you won't even care about that.

>> a lot of women do admit often, i don't know if you've ever done this -- that when their guy who they've been married to for many years, has a shirt that you just hate, and they always wear it and you say when are you getting rid of it and he never does. and one day he's out and you take the shirt and drop it off at the salvation army and drop it off. a lot of women say they get rid of their husband's clothes, the ones they don't like. have you ever done that?

>> and i did but i tell him i'm going to do it. and he says, but i like it. and i say we're all sick of seeing that.

>> what if he really wants that?

>> no, no. but at least i'm honest with him about it. right now frank has a blue shirt that christine and i both -- we call it his uniform. i could get him five of the same shirt and he would want the one that he likes.

>> why does he like it? it's cozy, he's worn it in.

>> you know what, he's got an allergy to wool. that would have kept you from marrying the man. but i happen to think people have these things and they're real and should be more respectful of people. so he gets itchy if there's something against his skin. so when he finds something that's really comfortable, and believe me, he's earned the right to be comfortable.

>> he wear it is out.

>> and men

>> we're going to toss it. we're going to toss it. eventually.

>> no, like today, as soon as i get home.

>> all right. anyway, while a lot of people are having a nice memorial day , there are people who didn't really get a chance to take a good vacation. we do have the top islands.

>> do you want to make them feel worse?

>> here's something else you didn't get to. where is it? trip adviser. the top islands of 2013 . number five santorini, greece.

>> have you ever been there?

>> i've never been.

>> it's pretty spectacular, but i will never go back.

>> what did you do?

>> there was a plumbing incident, they will never if you walk in to santorini, at the airport, there are pictures of me, they will not let me back in.

>> what happened?

>> i'll tell you in the commercial break.

>> san juan island . that's where the ferry takes you through scenery that's really gorgeous there.

>> all right. next is bora bora , in french polynesia , if you like nature, this is the place, they have safaris, you can sunbathe, you can dive.

>> the word is great. never been but i hear it's unbelievable.

>> i think i have a chemical reaction when i see a picture like that. i fell so relaxed.

>> you know you're going to love it, unless you're there with a guy that doesn't want some gluten. then it's all over for you.

>> st . john.

>> st . john is gorgeous. i love st . john in the u.s. virgin islands . ecotourism is alive and kicking . st . john's is in the u.s. virgin?

>> yes.

>> more than enough to do on land, including hiking and, please, you don't need anything but the picture.

>> all you need is the sand and a book and a chair. you don't need anything else.

>> not a guy?

>> and a guy and a cocktail.

>> moving along. move on, amber griscaye in belize is the number one tourist destination when it comes to beaches.

>> who says?

>> trip adviser. they picked it.

>> so golf carts are the main form of transportation.

>> i hope you feel better that you didn't get out of your own seat, own driveway, can't afford a night on the town, but if you hit the lottery you can go to any of those places. that was just cruel.

>> let's talk favorite things.

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>> is there anything other than the fact that it's a leash that you love?

>> i like the colors, if you go online. if you like fashion --

>> nothing goes to charity? just a leash that you like. mine is sneaky pete 's all natural oat beverage. sneaky pete , it benefits him, 1.99 per bottle. available nationwide. you know how i don't get enough of my vitamins and stuff. you get all of it and it's 40 calories and if it's, it actually is. i tasted all of them, they're really good. cheers. a little vodka and you're going to love it. all right, sara?

>> this is a "do" gift. let's start with that it's called a box of awesome. that was awesome. it's what it is is, it's 40 dollars a month and you can opt out each month, they put together a box. like this month's was a dop kit with all of these dude products. there's been a shoe shine kit, a barbeque set. you can opt out for five days and say i don't want this month over and over again and then when you decide that you like it, it arrives in a box like that.