TODAY   |  May 27, 2013

Willie and Megan debate: Is it OK to wake a snorer?

TODAY’s Willie Geist and his best friend Megan Colarossi talk about waking up a snoring bedmate and more.

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>>> back now with "today's friendly advice." my friend megan and i hash out some of life's social dilemmas. back by popular demand. good to see you.

>> good to see you, willie.

>> first of all, you always bring me a drink.

>> i brought you a skinny girl margarita. if i could drink it, i would. i have to drink an arnold palmer .

>> you thought about me.

>> it's all about me, actually. i thought you would like it because you need to watch your figure.

>> i'll take a sip of that for beth betheny. our first topic, snoring. this is huge. husband, boyfriend, spouse, whoever, is snoring. is it okay to kick him or her out onto the couch or put them in a guest bedroom?

>> first, i was a victim to this. i'm a victim to this because my husband snores chronically. last night, every hour on the hour. and i say, give him the pillow and go to the couch. sleep-deprived people, it's unnerving when you're sleep deprived . you can't function. what do you do? your wife obviously keeps in bed because she's a giver.

>> i'm a big snorer, but she's got a whole method she was telling me about. she hits me once and rolls me over. she says it's actually pretty easy. i say no.

>> oh, wow.

>> it's the beginning of the chipping away at the marriage. 20 years later, mom, dad, why do you sleep in separate bedrooms?

>> daddy snores?

>> and now we spend no time together.

>> then you're much nicer than i am, obviously.

>> let's look at the poll. 79% of our viewers agree with --

>> me.

>> megan.

>> how could you not?

>> the holiday bug, is it okay to call in sick to work on a holiday if you're not sick?

>> i say yes but i'm glad you didn't call in sick today because i'd be left here with nobody and vice versa .

>> exactly.

>> i think once in a while you need a mental health day. and i think it's okay to call in sick. americans don't get enough vacation in my opinion. i think once in a while you can call in sick. i don't think it will hurt anybody. i think the only problem is somebody catches you from work out and about working out going to the cafe or anything like that. what about you?

>> i say no because you're putting somebody else in a bad spot. everybody wants to call in sick on a holiday. what if we all did that? it would be chaos.

>> exactly.

>> no, i think if you do it once in a while , it's okay. you just don't want to become a chronic person. this is the question we asked on twitter. we have the results? 0 for 2.

>> 65%. i wonder how many people called in sick today. this is a great topic.

>> here's our third topic. team playing. young kids in sports. does everybody have to get on the field, or should we just play the best players? what do you say?

>> we discussed this. this is very sensitive. i say no. when we were growing up, not everyone got to hit the field like soccer, softball. it teaches you what your strengths and weaknesses on. i think not everyone can go play ball . we're not alder eck jel derek jeters and hope solos.

>> you've crushed them dreams right there.

>> when they're young, it's very hard.

>> i say yes, they're kids,