TODAY   |  May 27, 2013

12 summer style must-haves

Summer’s gearing up! And that means you need new threads and travel gear. Glamour magazine contributing editor Andrea Pomerantz Lustig has you covered from travel bags to accessories.

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>> chris, thank you. well, this morning on "today's style," summer must-haves as you plan your summer vacation , we want to make sure that you know which travel essentials from fashion to beauty you must bring with you. and here with her top picks is the best-selling author of "how to look expensive," andrea, good morning.

>> good morning, natalie.

>> this is the time of year we're all thinking about traveling. you don't want to take a lot or spend a lot. you've got a lot of great options.

>> exactly. now that the weather is finally better, these products will make you feel like it's summer finally and you don't have to spend a lot of money.

>> first accessories.

>> thus one of my favorites. believe it or not, it's not a jump rope. everyone thought it was here. you wrap it around your head. you've got this amazing necklace that gives you three trends. you've got the tie dye , a burst of color, and it's a statement necklace. you put it on with white pants, white shirt , and you look like a million bucks, and it costs you $35.

>> really great. love that as well. and now let's talk about shoes. you want to be comfortable.

>> yes. these are the new flip-flops. and what they are are a classic twist on the espadrille, awesome. pack them in your bag. feet won't get dirty. love them.

>> and the hat, always good to have, sun protection but also to look good.

>> exactly. the panama and the fedora, they look good on everyone. one tip you can do is put your bathing suits and everything in it when you pack it.

>> so it keeps its shape?

>> exactly. when it gets to your vacation, it keeps its shape and you look great in it.

>> your next trend is what you're wearing. it can be a cover-up. it's a nice dress.

>> believe it or not, many different ways. eight different ways.

>> wow!

>> guess how much it costs?

>> i'm going to let you tell me.

>> $39. you can buy it at nordstrom's. they sell them on it's the convertible dress. it's the dress of the summer whether you're going to a wedding, out to dinner or to the beach.

>> is it hard to convert it?

>> it's not. in fact, there's a youtube video that gives you instructions. actually, it came with a tag that shows you exactly what to do.

>> i love it.

>> i let her wear the bikini.

>> she looks great in the bikini.

>> over here, nail polish that's trending.

>> it has sparkles in it. the color is called champagne. you're on vacation. you chip a manicure. big problem, right? what do you do? you take this out of your bag and you can brush it right over and the sparkles will camouflage the chip. you look like a million-dollar manicure for $25.

>> let's talk about hair care . here's a tip.

>> i'm going to show you something really fun. i'm going to give you this paper towel . i know this sounds strange. women inadvertently put frizz into their hair when they wrap it up. you don't have to. if you use a paper towel . i want you to blot out the water.

>> okay. sorry.

>> it keeps the cuticle of the hair flat so when it dries, you have less frizz. and then, of course, summer knots are a big problem when you get out of the ocean. this is the wet brush. the coolest hairbrush. it's $14. there's also a mini for $11. you can brush right through the knots. thin bristles, it gets them out without tearing your hair. this is a dry texturizing spray from the drugstore. s and this is how you get those beachy waves without having to use a curling iron or packing any hair care products. scrunch it. why blow dry your hair if you're going to the beach, right?

>> right.

>> all right. thank you for being a good sport. appreciate that. okay. beauty products .

>> coconut is the trend, it's everywhere. everyone's drinking it. have a sip.

>> it looks good.

>> beauty companies are pretty smart . they're putting the coconut water right into the beauty products . these wipes will be soothing whether you're sunburned. you're on the beach or in your backyard, you can smell like a coconut on vacation. this is one of my secrets, a diy body butter. $1.98 from the supermarket. you buy yourself a can of coconut milk , open it, stick it in the fridge for a day, it becomes this beautiful body butter. can i put it on you?

>> yeah. i'm going to smell like a pina colada .

>> you can even use it as a hair conditioner .

>> finally over here, let's talk about traveling, the must-haves. with the cosmetics and cosmetic brushes. something you don't want to have to lug around often is the bag, right?

>> these are at target. this one which you can pack all your clothes, everything in it, has all these great pockets, $40.

>> cute. this could be used as a clutch, too?

>> yes, they're great clutches.

>> take the brushes out and you've got a clutch.

>> organizing is great. of course, we can't talk about summer and summer must-haves without sunscreen. this is a spray sunscreen.

>> spray it on me again on my coconut side. now i'm everything.

>> you can spray your face with this.

>> oh, okay. over the makeup.

>> al fresco or you end up at the beach unexpectedly or even at your car so you can protect yourself.

>> spf 20?

>> yeah, 29. and it's $32.