TODAY   |  May 27, 2013

‘Cat bearding’ goes viral online

Get involved with the latest web sensation: ‘Cat bearding’ involves aligning your feline friend’s face under your chin just right for a hilarious photo

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>> here with the hottest spikes in what you were searching for is google technologist daniel sieberg. daniel, good morning.

>> good morning to you both.

>> these aren't necessarily the most searched but they definitely have a lot of traffic. let's start with cat bearding.

>> sea lions and follicles. and cats and the internet go together like peanut butter and chocolate. if you do a search, you'll see images and youtube videos of how people are doing this. as it suggests, you take your cat and you hold it up to your face. in a position that makes it look like you have a cat beard.

>> is this the beginning of the end of western civilization ?

>> this has actually been going on for a little while. there are more and more of these photos going on.

>> i have a cat. you will not see me doing that.

>> how about the term fatkini. not necessarily derogatory?

>> right. for some people, it could be an offensive term, but there's a plus size blogger named gabby greg.

>> she's been on our show.

>> she's been on the show before. she talks about these larger-sized bikinis and the term fatkini has been coined. she actually came out with a new design that sold out in recent days. and so obviously this is very popular this time of year. swimsuit season. people talking about it online.

>> she looks good. she does a great job. next, the mondsanto protection act march over the weekend.

>> we saw millions protesting around the world over the weekend both in the u.s. and elsewhere. the concern is that there are -- it's a health concern around genetically modified food . monsanto is one of the companies that makes these. the argument for them is that they make the seeds heartier and more resistant to disease. other people are concerned about health. we saw a lot of protests happening over the weekend tied to this.

>> we've got to run. thanks so much.

>>> coming up, "today's friendly advice." is it okay to call