TODAY   |  May 27, 2013

Mark your calendars for the best summer TV, movies

As Memorial Day marks the unofficial start to summer, a slew of movies and TV shows are set to start. Jessica Shaw from Entertainment Weekly shares the best of the upcoming month.

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>>> this morning we're kicking off our new series "must mark your calendar." today is the unofficial start of summer, and with the new season comes a whole new batch of movies, music and tv shows .

>> here to make sure you know what dates not to miss, our friend jessica shaw. good to see you again.

>> you, too.

>> let's dive right into these. where else could we start than with "the bachelorette"?

>> willie's been talking about it.

>> i was a dez fan last season.

>> desiree or des to you.

>> yes.

>> she is the new bachelorette. so it's nice she meets all of her suitors. one of them walks up to her shirtless, of course. he says, "will you accept these abs?" which is all you need to know .

>> come on. really?

>> oh, yeah.

>> oh, wow. are you going to watch, willie?

>> i'm not a "bachelorette" guy.

>> this friday a lot of movies come out as well. "after earth," the new m. night shyamalan movie.

>> "after earth" is will and jaden smith who are father and son , and they play a father and son . and they actually go back to earth 1,000 years after it's been abandoned because of climate change and bad environmental stuff. it's sort of action movie /cautionary tale i like to think of it. and now you see me is mark ruffalo and jesse isenberg, a bunch of magicians and they pull off these massive heists where they steal from corporations and give them to the audience.

>> let's jump ahead to june 7th , that new owen wilson , vince vaughn movie "the internship."

>> can't wait for their union.

>> yes. they've been in a bunch of movies together, most famously " wedding crashers ." they basically play a couple guys who get an internship at google. they're sort of like the dorks.

>> that's going to be good. that's on my list. june 14th , the new "superman" movie, "man of steel."

>> this is a complete reboot of the superman franchise. christopher nolan who did that as batman is one of the producers of this. so there's a new superman, henry cavo. and he's really angsty and really tortured.

>> a little dark, sort of the like the "batman" series.

>> yeah.

>> they've changed up the superman outfit, i noticed, the way they did with the batman costume. let's jump ahead to june 21st , "monsters u." this is circled on the calendar.

>> yes, definitely, with every family. this is a prequel to " monsters inc .," ten years before when they're in college. mike and sully are in a fraternity together. guess what they're majoring in? scaring.

>> very cute. i cannot wait to see it.

>> what about the " world war z " movie with brad pitt .

>> zombie pocalypapocalypse.

>> "armageddon."

>> brad pitt and the director mark forrester who did "finding neverland" famously did not get along very well at all. there were rewrites, reshoots, the budget ballooned out of control. we'll see if it's a disaster off screen, too.

>> i love, though, that brad pitt has been going around to theaters and making surprise visits.

>> please see my movie?

>> yes. he was in hoboken in our town last week.

>> you sound very excited about that.

>> well, i missed it, unfortunately. june as well, the buddy cop movie "the heat" is out, sandra bullock and melissa mccarthy .

>> the direct of "bridesmaids" directed this as well.

>> the beyonce tour.

>> she starts north america this month. i like to call it the is she or isn't she tour because everyone is dying to know, is she pregnant?

>> again. we'll have to wait and see. jessica shaw, great stuff. thank you so much.

>>> next, what are your hot topics that everybody's buzzing about