TODAY   |  May 27, 2013

Woman gives birth in front of hospital doors

Florida mom Amy Beth Cavaretta was rushed to the hospital to give birth, but little Sienna Grace couldn’t wait – and arrived as Cavaretta sat in a wheelchair right outside the hospital doors.

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>>> well, now to some incredible moments in florida as a woman gives birth just steps away from the hospital. the whole thing is caught on film. amy beth cavaretta gave birth to sienna grace. her husband and we had might have were there to help with the delivery, and a family friend snapped these moving pictures . amy and little baby sienna are with us from oakland park this morning, florida, along with the proud papa, joe, big sister sophia as well as the mid wife, lori ross-burke. good morning to all of you. good to see you. congratulations.

>> thanks so much. good morning.

>> how are you feeling, amy ? and little baby sienna, she looks just perfect.

>> i feel great. i feel great. everybody's doing really well. and she's really happy.

>> take us through what happened last thursday night. you're on your way to the hospital. you just pull up. when did you realize you weren't actually going to make it inside?

>> not until that picture that you see of me leaning against the wall of the hospital. it just didn't occur to me that we weren't going to get there. and that's pretty much the moment that i think i said to lori , "her head is out." and that was when we knew we weren't going any farther.

>> and what was going through your mind at that point? were you panicked at all? i mean, you've been through this before, obviously. we see sophia. you've given birth before.

>> no. i mean, you know, women are born to have babies. that's why we have this anatomy. you just get out of your own head and get out of the way, and your body's going to do the work. that's the bottom line. i mean, i'm a firm believer in natural childbirth and, you know, keep yourself healthy and active, and you're going to be just fine. so i wasn't afraid. i just knew that it was urgent and that we were going to do this now. you know, i was in good hands. i had people there to help.

>> and now means now. joe, i mean, you're there. you're trying to keep a cool, calm, collected head, i'm sure. but describe for me what you were feeling.

>> well, you know, i had been covering the miami heat for the paper. when we drove up, i saw the lebron james of midwives waiting for us. i knew we were all right.

>> lori , there you go, the lebron james of midwives. that pretty much sums it up.

>> that's great.

>> did you have that much to do?

>> well, actually, when amy called me, i knew that her first birth was very quick. so i knew that this one was not going to be a long one. and i'm very glad that i got up and got to the hospital because it was 1:30 in the morning, pretty much. and actually, when amy said, "i'm not going to make it inside, i feel the head," i instinctively put my hand there and said yep, okay, we're going to have it here. and amy was totally confident in her body, and her husband was cool. and the photographer was amazing because she was so nonintrusive and just got the whole thing on film. it was a beautiful moment.

>> yeah, i was going to ask you, amy --

>> i'm so glad lori was there because --

>> go ahead. i was just going to say --

>> i'm glad lori was there. yes, we are. we are. and we were thrilled that emily was able to be there and capture it. you know, she was such a pro about it. she really moved in and out of the space. i even remember hearing the camera and seeing, you know, seeing her there. but it wasn't distracting or anything. i mean, she was really just a pro about the whole thing.

>> and she pretty much captured an amazing moment i'm sure no wunl once will capture a moment like that again. thank you for being heresophia, be a good sister, okay?