TODAY   |  May 27, 2013

It’s bacon! Festival celebrates salty, fatty meat

It’s been called the Woodstock of bacon: Chicago’s Baconfest 2013 is an astounding tribute to the tasty meat, as chefs display bacon bread pudding, cotton candy and cupcakes. NBC’s Kevin Tibbles reports.

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>> we're talking barbecues. how about visiting the woodstock of pork first? nbc's kevin tibbles got the chance to belly up to bacon fest 2013 .

>> that's not a play.

>> yum.

>> reporter: an event so buzzed about, so highly anticipated, the ticket s sold out in mere minutes.

>> i was online. it was like getting to see the rolling stones .

>> reporter: all four --

>> bacon ! bacon ! we love bacon ! we love bacon !

>> reporter: welcome to baconfest 2013 .

>> hands up if you love bacon .

>> reporter: a day where aficionados and enthusiasts assemble in appreciation of america's favorite cured meat .

>> we're going to do everything. we wore stretch pants. cowboy baby

>> reporter: some wear their bacon devotion on their legs.

>> i've loved bacon all my life.

>> hello, bacon nation.

>> reporter: some of chicago 's finest chefs put their culinary chops to the test to create new twists on old favorites. and compete for the coveted golden rasher.

>> i'm always bringing my game.

>> it is pretty competitive.

>> reporter: call it a sooey smackdown. from sweets -- i don't think of bacon when i think of dessert.

>> it's the best bacon cupcake you'll ever have.

>> reporter: it might be the only bacon cupcake i'll ever have. to savory --

>> pork shoulder and bacon hamburger.

>> reporter: -- to -- what's that?

>> this is bacon snow.

>> reporter: who knew all these modest strips of deliciousness could be elevated to this?

>> i also think that people have strong associations with bacon about happiness, comfort, childhood.

>> reporter: nearly 3 tons of bacon is served in this single-day event.

>> it is every man's meat.

>> reporter: but all this pigging out is for a good cause. $50,000 goes to the chicago food depository to help feed the homeless.

>> peace, love and bacon .

>> reporter: while one day just isn't enough for some --

>> every day should be bacon day.

>> reporter: -- after a day of lip smacking, finger-licking indulgence, it's probably time for this little piggy and this one to go home. for "today," kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago .

>> what a tough assignment this