TODAY   |  May 27, 2013

Shop sales early for best Memorial Day deals

Memorial Day sale-hunters, take note: Megan Meany, lifestyle expert and curator of, offers tips for getting great discounts, including hitting stores early and seeking out promotions where proceeds benefit veterans.

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>> it's not the biggest sale day of the year, but you can get significant discounts. you're really looking for stuff like clothing, accessories and home goods.

>> you broke it down for us. women, men, kids, home and families. let's start with women. you found some good deals. talk first about the cotton tank dress that you wount found at loft.

>> that's right, it's that nautical look that never really goes out of style. it's right now $29.94, originally $69.50, at least 50% off. it's a great deal, and it's more bang for the buck because like i said, nautical is classic so you can wear it season after season. and you can dress it up, dress it down. it would look cute on you.

>> you want to pick it up as it's going on sale because chances are it's not going to be there in your size.

>> exactly. you want to be fast. it's going to be pay to be early. there were things i saw friday that i wanted to talk about this morning, gone by sunday. it's hour by hour.

>> i'm not a woman in search of stretch denim skinny jeans , but if i were --

>> you might want to go to ll bean.

>> okay.

>> great deal here. this one is 64% off. these are gray skinny jeans . unfortunately skinny jeans aren't going anywhere. they've been around a few years. they are now $24.99, originally $69. they come in gray which is a cool, different color you might not have in your wardrobe. so love those.

>> if you're in the military, on the lookout for military discounts, right?

>> this is happening at forever 21 . if you walk into the store, they'll give you an extra 15% off if you have a military i.d. this scarf is also on sale. these are great. we're wearing them all the time. all year long at forever 21 . this one is only $6.95 marked down from $8.80. very inexpensive. and scarves are something that we're seeing in every color and every season now. so that's a nice light one that's good for summer.

>> perfect.

>> let's move over to the guys. classic pair of shorts, american eagle , good place to look.

>> willie, do you have the legs for these?

>> let's see. yeah, i wear a classic short now and again.

>> you notice guys are going a little shorter with the shorts?

>> yes.

>> i particularly like the lifeguard red, but they come in every color, 40 prz off. they're $23.97, originally $33.95. find them at american eagle outfitters .

>> shorts got a little too long for a while.

>> you're a tall guy.

>> a little like the balloon pants.

>> you also found flip-flops, water shoes at kohl's.

>> these are water shoes. they call them water shoes.

>> boat shoes.

>> they can go dry land or on the boat or at the beach. they're good-looking topsiders. i don't know if you knew this, willie, but there's a lot of neon going on for the guys. if you want to be daring, get these in the fun bright orange or green or also the navy or the black. they are $24.99. they call them five flops and they're marked down from $45.

>> real quick for the kids, let's get to kids. we've got polka dot leggings for the girls.

>> 30% off and you make your own with your daughter. you can make your own leggings. today they're only $23.

>> and for the boys --

>> and the money goes to charity.

>> matchable tees for boys.

>> from children's place, 4 bucks right now. marked down. so that's a go-to. the boys -- my boys in particular love those sporty shirts.