TODAY   |  May 27, 2013

Memorial Day travel down 8 percent

Nearly 35 million American travelers hit the roads and took to the skies on Memorial Day weekend, down eight percent from last year, but experts are saying the drop comes from the economy, not rising gas prices.

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>>> now to the memorial day holiday and severe weather threatening to disrupt a lot of plans as millions of americans hit the roads. mark potter is in key biscayne , florida . mark, good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, natalie. it's actually nice weather here. we're expecting a lot of people to come to this beach to celebrate the holiday. later today , though, they'll be heading back home, joining millions of other americans doing the same thing nationwide. whether you're just heading out for the memorial day celebrations this morning or are already heading home , you'll have plenty of company. nearly 35 million people are traveling this holiday, almost all of them by car. according to the aaa, there are fewer travelers this weekend than last year, but most blame the economy, not gas prices .

>> when we interview travelers, 62% of them told us that the price of gas was not a fact her.

>> reporter: nationally the average price of unleaded is $3.65, that's 14 cents higher than a month ago but slightly lower than a year ago. and analysts predict that prices will fall heading into the summer. aaa says a significant 8% drop in the number of people traveling by air this holiday can be blamed on three factors.

>> fares, fees and frustrations overall. baggage fees, parking fees, wi-fi fees. there is virtually no end to the list of fees that you may be asked to pay.

>> reporter: in some places weather is disrupting the unofficial start of summer. floodwaters in the san antonio area are receding this morning after crews had to scramble to rescue people from cars and rooftops over the weekend. at least three people died. in vermont and upstate new york , a late-season snowstorm caused power outages with temperatures between 10 and 30 degrees below average for this time of year. and as holiday vacationers head to florida , blustery winds are threatening along the atlantic coast . two transportation disruptions. in northern washington plans reportedly under way to construct a seal over the skagit river . cleanup also continues this morning at the site of a collapsed highway overpass near chaffee, missouri. the bridge fell after two freight trains crash eed taking out a support pillar. and the national safety council is urging drivers today to be very careful, to buckle up, stay off cell phones and to give themselves plenty of time to get home safely. willie?

>> mark potter in florida , thanks