TODAY   |  May 27, 2013

Fire breaks out on cruise ship off Florida

A Royal Caribbean ship is heading back to shore after a fire broke out on one of the decks early Monday. No injuries were reported. NBC’s Katie Johnson reports.

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>> right to that breaking news. a fire on board the deck of the grandeur of the sea. the ship is out of baltimore headed for the bahamas , now off riviera beach , florida. wptv is there with the breaking details. katie, good morning.

>> reporter: we've been following this story since it all started just before 3:00 this morning. that ship we're talking about, the royal caribbean grandeur of the sea, it left baltimore on friday headed to the bahamas , taking a detour now headed to freeport , bahamas , after a fire broke out on board the ship just before 3:00 this morning. according to royal caribbean , this fire broke out on the aft mooring deck. there are fire walls to help contain the fire. the fire was contained on board according to u.s. coast guard officials that we've been talking to throughout the morning. again, this started just before 3:00, we're told. the fire was out by 5:17 this morning. obviously, a very scary situation on board of the grandeur of the seas . right now we're hearing no reports of injuries. no casualties at this time. there was a carnival ship that was put on standby mode just in case any evacuations were necessary. but we're told by u.s. coast guard officials no evacuation necessary in this case as this cruise continues to travel toward freeport , bahamas . i'm told it should be there within the next three hours or so. obviously, a very scary situation, and we're looking forward to hearing what these people have to say once they get off the ship when it does dock in freeport . that's the latest from here in riviera beach , katie johnson , back to you.