TODAY   |  May 25, 2013

TV chef’s secret barbecue sauce ingredient

It’s the unofficial start of summer and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a backyard barbecue. Chef G. Garvin, host of “Road Trip with G. Garvin,” shared his secret sauce, which promises to make any grilled dish a hit. TODAY’s Erica Hill and Lester Holt cooked with G. Garvin.

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>>> this morning on "today's kitchen" it is the unofficial start of summer. we have to barbecue. we don't care what the weather is. they are ready and they're hungry. the man is here to feed us all.

>> glad to have you here.

>> thank you so much. you want to make barbecue sauce ? it's a well worth the wait secret. we're going to make barbecue sauce .

>> we're going to work with a pork tenderloin .

>> you have garlic and jalapenos. be careful. it may slash a little.

>> all for a good cause.

>> a great barbecue sauce .

>> get the rest of that out of there. okay. orange juice .

>> orange juice . really?

>> you will season that.

>> we're going to season before the sauce?

>> this is just the rub.

>> how long does that need to be on there?

>> we need to multitask.

>> right before it goes on the grill. you have the orange juice . now, a little chicken stock . okay. a little brown sugar. are you okay?

>> i'm good.

>> a little molasses. liquid smoke. okay. garlic powder . you want to know the secret? the secret --

>> what is that?

>> coca-cola.

>> i love it.

>> full strength regular coca-cola. take a whisk to that. let that come to a simmer. slide over. put a little bit more on there. what we do is we slide you over and this is one we got started.

>> how long will it be on the grill?

>> it depends on how hot the grill is. you want to make sure it is seared all of the way around really hot and then you slow it down and let it just sort of cook through. so once we get here, you can come on down with me if you want. we take that barbecue sauce which is ready and we just brush it on.

>> after it is grilled, we put sauce on.

>> right. otherwise the barbecue sauce is burned. here we go there. what you do is there is the beauty. so it is done.

>> it's okay to be pink on the inside. you have to check the temperature?

>> depends on the personal preference. nice, warm pink is good. so grilled peaches. baked beans with barbecue sauce .

>> and homemade potato salad .

>> i don't think we can talk about this without eating it. peaches are grilled. cheese. walnuts. this is how you want to start your memorial day .

>> there's a lot going on there.

>> it's simple. really simple. really simple.

>> let me try some there.

>> it's rainy and messy. this is your ideal recipe.

>> all right.

>> how do you keep this balanced between the sugary sweetness and the spice?

>> the peaches are grilled. sauteed a little bit. caramelized walnuts and the cheese is really awesome. it's good.

>> can you come to my aunt sarah's tomorrow. we're having a barbecue?

>> absolutely.

>> delicious.

>> good to have you on. have a great memorial day . we can barbecue despite lousy weather.