TODAY   |  May 25, 2013

Arrested Development set to start new life online

America’s favorite dysfunctional family is back, but they won’t be on television sets this time around. The cult fan favorite show is looking to make waves, contributing to a trend of TV shows, canceled by the networks, finding new life online. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe reports.

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>>> the beloved comedy " arrested development " is back this weekend. the cast is the same but how and where the show airs is much different. jenna is back to tell us more.

>> are you fans of the show?

>> gotten into it.

>> people got into it after it went off the air. i love the show. if you are a fan of the family " arrested development " you know 15 new episodes are available starting tomorrow but unlike the first three seasons which aired on fox, the new shows will be streamed online.

>> excuse me. hello.

>> dad.

>> this weekend netflix is reintroducing america to the bluth family seven years after fox canceled the emmy award favorite. " arrested development " returns with 15 new episodes but you can only watch them on netflix.

>> when " arrested development " was on tv it averaged 5 million viewers per week. that's not close to enough to be considered a big hit . if 5 million people watch this new season of " arrested development " on netflix, that's going to be considered a smash success.

>> that's not a great sign.

>> this isn't the first time people have turned to the internet for their favorite shows. popular soap operas canceled by the networks found new life online as well.

>> why are you here?

>> and this february netflix released the original series "house of cards" starring kevin spacey giving them 2 million new u.s. subscribers and the company is hoping to do the same with " arrested development ." it's been a long awaited return, when the clock strikes midnight, fans will be reunited with their favorite dysfunctional family .

>> no one will be there to hear your screams.

>> it's not like any of them disappeared. most of them have gone onto do other