TODAY   |  May 25, 2013

Fallon spoofs ‘Thrones’ with ‘Game of Desks’

TODAY takes a look at “Late Night” host Jimmy Fallon’s spoof of the TV hit series “Game of Thrones,” transforming the roof of the roof of NBC’s headquarters into the land of “Rockefell.”

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>>> and finally, every sunday night i tune into "game of that thrones" but i say obsessed and love the show so when jimmy fallon turned into game of death , you had to be watching. he transformed the entire nbc studio as well.

>> thank the gods you have arrived. we have a bit of a situation.

>> what is it?

>> what appears that one of the writers of the late night 's watch jokes have been bad as of late.

>> yep. i understood that almost as well as i understood "game of thrones." it turns out nobody really fully understand what's happening but we all watch religiously. i feel so much better.

>> if you need therapy, i'm the one to come to.