TODAY   |  May 25, 2013

Memorial Day shopping do’s and don’ts

The rain in the Northeast is bad for barbecues but good for the retailers who are pulling out all the stops to drive customers to their stores this weekend. Though the discounts may be deep, there are some purchases that are smarter than others. TODAY’s consumer correspondent Janice Lieberman reports.

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>> prices trying to get you to buy a deal.

>> don't buy hdtvs. they'll be discounted later. and next appliances. as the temps rise, the grills are firing up. and so are their prices. hold off for better sales later in the summer. instead, think cooler. we're in the refrigerator section.

>> savings on refrigerators because new models are coming out soon so older models are discounted.

>> this is $1,000 off.

>> yes.

>> reporter: looking for a wardrobe refresh, watch out for full price summer clothes. instead, shop smart.

>> this is the best time to buy coats. the light-weight jackets and those spring coats and sweaters because it's been so cold nobody has been buying them. there's a lot of inventory.

>> finally furniture.

>> these are really super comfy.

>> 50% off is the one you're sitting on. right around memorial day you see big furniture sales at the office superstars. time of year people have more money because they got their tax refund and furniture is one of the things they tend to buy.

>> of course we are all looking for patio furniture but now is not the time. cheaper prices on outdoor decor are right around the corner.