TODAY   |  May 24, 2013

5 beauty blunders you can avoid

Molly Nover-Baker from Women’s Health magazine reveals how you can deal with embarrassing beauty dilemmas with such solutions as clinical-strength antiperspirant, medicated body wash and moisturizer.

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>>> most of you have embarrassing beauty problems. everyone except me, actually does. it's like dark circles under your eyes, hair where you don't particularly want and nothing seems to help, does it?

>> until now, because we've got the products to help you fix all your beauty issues for a shameless summer. molly is the beauty director at "women's health" magazine. you're going to tackle all of our embarrassing problems?

>> i'll do my best.

>> sweaty armpits, go.

>> nothing sexy about it. if this is your issue, i recommend a clinical-strength deodorant. secret makes a great one. it's waterproof.

>> meaning it will stay on even if you go into the pool or take a shower. it contains 20% aluminum zirconium. it's formulated to be used at night. you put it on when your body is on its most natural temperature to form a strong barrier against sweat. and in the morning you can shower, you can wash, it's not coming off. but in the morning you may want to add a new layer, it will protect.

>> so ashy skin. please, get it off.

>> ashy skin is mainly a problem for darker skin tones, making them have a gray tint. but for lighter skin tones it affects the thicker skin areas, elbows, knees, ankles. exfoliate in the shower. use it on dry skin . when you get out, you want to look for a moisturizer that contains glycerin. an amazing humectant. and these from jurgen's contain a great spl. in the summertime it's jergen's glow.

>> remember the scrubs i do? you've been bleeding.

>> but i like it.

>> how do you remove just unruly hairs on your face?

>> because my friend wants to know.

>> so those chin hairs. this is your problem, then i would recommend an at-home wax kit. sally hansen makes one called ouch relief. for face or body. normally with wax, it's the pain fact that are deter women from doing something like this, they're genius that they put in a pretreatment that contains benzocaine.

>> you've got to grow it out far enough to let it be waxed. and nobody wants to walk around like that.

>> but then you're free for four weeks.

>> but then you got to grow it out again.

>> you have to stay in your house, you're a shut-in.

>> what's next?

>> and acne. bacne. the good news is you can use treatment products you would normally use for your face, particularly something with sal sillic acid. if you're using wipes you can use it on your back. the best way to do it is in the shower, with salycilic acid body wash. by neutrogena, a great one to use.

>> let's get to morgan .

>> morgan claims she has an issue with under eye puffiness or dark circles , how do you get rid of it.

>> it's genetics, lack of sleep. it's allergies.

>> she doesn't have any of that stuff.

>> she's perfect.

>> you want to look for a product that contains caffeine. that will stimulate the blood flow and prevent it from pooling under the eyes.

>> origins ginseng has a great product with caffeine, and then for concealing, you need a product that's going to cover in the daytime. there's one from lancome. we used it on morgan . one eye without, one eye with. you can see the difference, they have microparticles.

>> that illuminate.

>> thank you so much.