TODAY   |  May 24, 2013

Bobbie’s buzz: Patriotic perfumes, bottle opener cuff

TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas shows Kathie Lee and Hoda perfumes with scents from each state, a cuff that doubles as a bottle opener and nifty new nail art.

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>> all right.

>> bye, ben!

>> gotta go.

>> so is memorial day weekend and i was inspired. and some of the cool finds i've come across, united scents of america. two girls teemed up in the fragrance industry to create a scent for your state. so there are different states, ten so far, they're going to be rolling out. i stopped to think, what does your state smell like. well, new york --

>> it depends where you are.

>> new york is the big apple .

>> you like florida?

>> i like california, too.

>> and so another --

>> florida is good.

>> another find that is clever, memorial day weekend . check out these, these are not just bangles. they are bottle-opener bangles.

>> no way!

>> ooh-la-la --

>> isn't that so cute?

>> this wine company makes their wine with bottle cap the like beer.

>> as opposed to corks.

>> so you can just pop over your wine.

>> very clever.

>> so classy.

>> these are by breezy new york . and last but not least with all the name art that i know you hate so much.

>> i do, i do.

>> there's a new trend coming up. it's minimalism and white nails like mine, you'll see right here with a ton of other companies coming out with white. the new, cool stark thing to do.

>> thank you.