TODAY   |  May 24, 2013

Moms review movies for the holiday weekend

Jessica Shaw from Entertainment Weekly and two other moms, Robyn Moreno and Nichelle Pace, chat about the movies “Epic,” “Star Trek Into Darkness,” “Beautiful Creatures” and “The Impossible,” and recommend whether you should take your family to see them this weekend.

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>>> we are back on this try-day friday, with today's reel moms, here to review some of the hottest movies in theaters and dvd that you'll want to check out this weekend.

>> today's movie critics are mother of two, jessica, who happens toeb " entertainment weekly " senior writer and soon-to-be radio host . and robin is a lifestyle expert and a brand new mom and marketing expert nichelle pace, the mother of two and founder for

>> let's start with our first movie, an animated film called "epic" do we love or not like.

>> it's totally epic! . we totally love, about a teenager that goes back home to live with her dad and her dad is a cooky scientist who thinks there's another species of creatures living in the forest and she doesn't believe it until she gets shrunk.

>> you have some funny characters and it was just an easy movie to watch. it was a great day out for me.

>> i read a couple of reviews that were not complimentary at all.

>> it tells stories of the ecology and the environment and beyonce is in it, steven tyler .

>> very cute and fun.

>> let's move on, "star trek: into the darkness."

>> tell us the truth.

>> if you're a star trek fan you're definitely going to like it. there's a major " star trek " mythology baddie in this movie. the kirk and spock, they're on the enterprise, they have to come back home because there's been a terrorist act . there's always an issue. but it's more emo " star trek ."

>> and there's a big brouhaha because a lot of the female characters are naked or walking around in our underwear. we personally didn't think it was a big deal . i remember when princess leia was chained. by jabba the hut?

>> what's the age range.

>> maybe not under ten. i did cringe a little bit with the underwear scene. but at the same time i was thinking -- god i really liked her underwear and i'm a little biased, because i was named after the original character , nichelle nichols from the movie. so i'm --

>> well that review is all over the board.

>> let's go to a rental. "the impossibles".

>> that's the one with naomi watts .

>> based on a family, what happens to a family during the 2004 tsunami in asia. it's an incredibly difficult movie to watch. there's a lot of death and orphans.

>> there were fantasy animations this is the one where you go to bed and you're like holy cow this could be my family.

>> she was nominated for an academy award .

>> given the current state of affairs and all the events and mother nature now.

>> it's a story which is really interesting.

>> we had the young boy on, remember? he was great.

>> he was great.

>> all right. let's move on to " beautiful creatures " a sort of vampire rip-off?

>> a vampire movie based on the "twilight" series. not a vampire, she's a witch.

>> jeremy irons is in it. and emma thompson .

>> that's what holds the script together.

>> you love that sort of --

>> it's no " citizen kane " but