TODAY   |  May 24, 2013

2 apps to help make traveling faster, cheaper

TODAY’s Sara Haines shows Kathie Lee and Hoda a travel app called Hipmunk that compares flights and hotels by such criteria as price and layover times. She also demonstrates how to use Waze, an app that finds the fastest route to your destination.

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>>> and it's time to get appy with sara, when our girl digs up cool apps and websites that you may not know about.

>> we heard you found some free apps to help people with summer travel.

>> we love the free ones it comes in handy with memorial day around the corner. first up, an app called hit monk. an app that you can search and book flights and hotels. ha makes this different when you look at it. it calculate the flights, not just by price, but something called the agony factor. it takes into consideration layovers, wi-fi, how long the flight is, and then you can also sort the traditional, if you want, you can sort it by price, departure link.

>> that says it all.

>> there's the ecstacy factor with hotels, it sorts user reviews, stars, amenities. can you sort by the traditional ones. it has a heat map , can you pick what you're looking for. if you want to be in an area of high tourism or shopping. can you select that and it will show in the red areas, a weather map where it's the most dense.

>> i sort of get it. cool.

>>> the next one is called ways. the social gps navigation map . you'll see all of these little signals. a lot of apps out there have the maps, google maps , everything else, this is generated by users, minute to minute. you can report an accident, see what it is. can you see that there's tied up traffic.

>> a completestand still.

>> thank you.

>> another one.