TODAY   |  May 24, 2013

Touring Jack Antonoff’s Jersey Shore

The fun. guitarist takes TODAY’s Erica Hill on a tour of Long Beach Island, where he has vacationed with his family for more than 20 years, showing her a few of his favorite spots growing up.

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>>> welcome back to seaside heights , new jersey, this is the last stop on "today's great american adventure ." we're working our way up to another live song from fun

>> there's another area just down the way along the jersey shore , long beach island or lbi as it's known.

>> nbc's erica hill got a private tour from one of our private guests.

>> indeed i did. lbi as it's known is just about a half mile wide barrier island , got hit from both sides during superstorm sandy. the recovery effort has been nothing short of incredible and jack antonoff of fun has been going down with his family for more than 20 years every summer. he gave us an inside tour of favorite spots growing up. first stop on our island tour the chicken or the egg .

>> i haven't been here early than midnight or 1:00 in the morning so this will be something.

>> it's an adventure for most both of us. the diner has everyone for everyone but they're famous for the wings.

>> i eat it for the fork and knife so people can talk about how i'm not a wing person.

>> there may be a hashtag about you. i'm taking the jacket off and rolling up the sleeves.

>> really good.

>> it's really good. there's a sauce called ludicrous but i think the wait staff legally have to warn you not to touch the stuff.

>> it was featured on the travel channel 's man versus food. man won that round barely. as we make our way out, you can't miss the masking tape on the wall. i see sandy i'm guessing that can only be one thing.

>> water line. crazy. i'm thankful it's not destroyed. it was a lot of pride to see this thing and see that it looks the same and it's great.

>> this is your disney world .

>> when i was a kid it seemed like the cutest thing ever. still pretty big. i'm still impressed.

>> the rides at fantasy island weren't open but the bright lights and dries potential of the arcade beckonned. though just a few months ago it looked like they may never shine again.

>> but nothing has changed literally.

>> perfect.

>> jack's game of choice, skee ball . we got 100,000.

>> that's a big deal .

>> that's fantastic. oh, we got tickets. as we make our way down the island, jack's seen some of the destruction for the first time.

>> there was a movie theater right there which is literally gone.

>> oh, wow. but there's relief at the sight of his family's favorite ice cream shop.

>> this is exactly how it's supposed to be, a little skipper dipper guy.

>> pretty cute. jack and his family would come here nearly every day.

>> i was always lobbying for a banana split and i never got it.

>> but today it was a classic vanilla milkshake. how is the milkshake?

>> it's great.

>> reporter: the perfect accompaniment for a walk on the beach. as the waves crashed, you can't help but think of the power of that water and the impact of sandy. how important is it for you then to come back here to play a show here to help the local economy?

>> i think the coolest thing about the band having success is being able to do things like that, you know, feel like this is a vital summer for people here and the businesses here. i think kicking it off for the show is perfect.

>> it was a lot of fun, thank you again for taking us on the tour and you told us, you talked about it earlier today, you guys wrote a lot of your stuff in new jersey and some of it at your family's house on lbi .

>> the entire first album, a lot of this album in bergen county and the shore also.

>> i think we bonded. i'll see you at the skipper dipper.