TODAY   |  May 24, 2013

8 big kid beach toys for sand and surf

Technology expert Katie Linendoll joins the TODAY anchors on the Jersey Shore to show off the latest and greatest beach gadgets, including an electric amphibious vehicle and a floating cooler.

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>>> welcome back to the jersey shore . we've got a live performance with fun coming up in a few minutes but first we want to try out new grownup beach toys now that the sun is out.

>> our tech expert katie linendahl is here with something that could go horribly wrong.

>> it did already go wrong we lost one of these massive beach balls to the ocean. this is just loads of fun. willie blew this up at the commercial break.

>> who are they doing with it?

>> let it go. that's it.

>> be free, ball.

>> what did you just, say?

>> be free, ball.

>> al, take it away. moving on, electric amphibious vehicles, 100 bucks from it carries your beverages. the coolest part is it transforms. it will go into land or sea.

>> this is for the ultimate lazy person.

>> kind of awesome like your personal butler. has an an board water cannon .

>> that's cool.

>> and it moves pretty fast.

>> the kids would like this.

>> the kids would like it.

>> all right, exactly.

>> that's very cool.

>> that's up with this cooler thing.

>> we love our beverages, the best part about getting into a pool. the worst part is having to get out. this is a floating cooler, looks like a fishing bobber and inside it holds small beverages and 30 bucks from target.

>> where is our beach ball ?

>> the beach ball is in the ocean, with he let it go.

>> be free.

>> we really did, didn't we?

>> go. free willy !

>> free ball, free ball!

>> you really like saying that.

>> this is a cooler couch, the ultimate man's lazy fear, and inside there's a little cooler with beverages, stock that with ice, your favorite beer, a couple brewskies in there.

>> you got to be careful people don't tip you over.

>> that is a true statement. 80 bucks for this baby on brookstone.

>> this is the lounger. somebody's got to give it a try.

>> it actually --

>> nice bottle of wine.

>> two coolers on the side, you can put water in there, beer in there, two waterproof speakers, spf 35 on the umbrella and just like the amazing footrest.

>> i like this. this is useful.

>> that is a practical gadget.

>> first practical gadget of the segment. what do we have over here.

>> this is a must for anyone going to a theme park , disney world without a fast pass if you're overheating, you want a mister portable fan, a power on fan. here is another option, this one has a mister little button and is a water bottle , too. practical gadgets for nine and ten bucks on

>> if you want to geek on.

>> you might look like a total tool but you're not going to pass out.

>> total tool i think so.

>> this charges the fan and blows on your face.

>> what's great is when you mist and the fan is