TODAY   |  May 24, 2013

The Jersey Shore looms large in pop culture

Entertainment has always been a part of the Shore, from the first Miss America pageant and Frank Sinatra’s performances there decades ago to MTV’s “Jersey Shore” and HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire.” TODAY takes a look back at how the Shore became a household name.

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>>> and we're back now a special jersey shore edition of "what's trending today." snooki, paulie d. and others popularized seaside heights but not the first to put the jersey shore on the map. take a look. music and entertainment have always been part of the jersey shore . atlantic city , home to the world's first boardwalk, came up with a plan for tourists to stay past labor day . they organized a pageant known today as miss america . sinatra, marilyn, martin and lewis made the shore a hotbed of entertainment in the '40s and '50s and now hbo's boardwalk empire is taking viewers back to new jersey's prohibition past and speaking of boardwalk empires, monopoly, park place , baltic avenue, atlantic city inspired the board's colorful properties. it was at summer of 1960 and an 18-year-old who went by the name of chubby checker introduced his first of the twist at the rainbow club in wild wood . the duop motels are still intact. " greetings from asbury park " was bruce springsteen 's first album and the stone pony is one of the best known music venues, the boss, the ramons and blondie have all played the pony. even tony soprano ventured to the coastline.

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>> in the year of 1985 , it is the site of bon jovi 's music video "in and out of love." mtv has flocked to the shoretown for nearly 20 years but it's the house mates of their most recent hit " jersey shore " that made seaside heights a household name . and look who is here in seaside