TODAY   |  May 24, 2013

Actor Joe Pantoliano talks Jersey Shore childhood

The Jersey native, actor, and author Joe Pantoliano, who has starred in “The Sopranos,” “The Matrix” and more, shares some of his favorite memories from his childhood on the Jersey Shore.

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>> sopranos." so many hit movies.

>> i remember how $1 would keep me here for the entire evenings. i had a pinball machine that i knew how to set it up so i didn't have to tilt it and i could get the flipper and hold that ball man it was great.

>> what does it mean for you seeing the shoreline reopen especially after the storm?

>> well you know the feeling that you don't lay down, that people are here, that they didn't pack up and split. there's an energy and a feeling that i can feel just from the citizens around here and it's very promising.

>> joe, are you surprised, because i was having been here the days after the storm you hear governor christie say we'll be back by memorial day . i say that's good rhetoric.

>> guys said all of the boardwalk is new, it looked like the one i was walking on 30 years ago.

>> 16 blocks of boardwalk apparently have been brought back and 85% of the businesses are back in business. great sign.

>> the only downside is the games are no longer a nickel. in a couple of weeks i'll be at i forgot the name of the theater in red bank , it's --

>> count macy's.

>> there you go, jersey strong!

>> i'm going to do some acting for everybody and do some improvising. it's really fun