TODAY   |  May 24, 2013

Pauly D: ‘I can’t believe’ Shore recovery progress

The “Jersey Shore” cast talks about the official reopening of the Shore after Superstorm Sandy, describing how it feels to be back in Seaside Heights and their favorite places on the Shore.

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>> who is here in seaside heights the cast of "the jersey shore ." good morning.

>> vinnie, nichol, jenny, paul and sammy and jane, ronnie and good morning to all of you.

>> good morning.

>> before we talk about what brings us all here, ronnie, you had a little bit of a health scare recently. tell us about it and how you're feeling now.

>> i'm feeling a lot better now, having a speddy recovery. i had an aneurysm in my kidney and blood clots. thought it was kidney stones but turned out to be worse. i'm going through a good recovery and glad these guys are checking in on me, too.

>> let's talk about why we are here, what happened here seven months ago, the devastation of hurricane sandy. how much time have you spent looking around the shore to kind of assess what was going on?

>> we were here right after the storm. we were doing a big release effort with mtv and we got to interview real live people that were here during the storm and we saw all the devastation andiable how much it's recovered since we were here a month ago.

>> great thing when it actually happened we came after the devastation and this is known to be a happy place , everybody is smiling and having a good time, we came after the storm it was the exact opposite, it was dead, silent and it was awful so to see this being rebuilt makes me happy.

>> we came where the jersey shore , the show was shot. nicole, what do you think is special about the place. there is a certain magic about it.

>> i don't know, i've been coming here since i was 13 with my family and getting older 21, you've seen what happened so you just come here to have a good time, a summer place , you come with your family and friends. it's just a good time and i love that everyone's here and it's getting rebuilt and amazing.

>> people who run the shore, the businesses here are hoping tourists return in huge numbers. give me something people don't know about the jersey shore , what is a hidden gem that they should check out if they come here.

>> pizza shops.

>> wonderful jersey shore store.

>> everyone on the shore who has a business is like a big family. everybody knows each other, everybody helps each other out and everybody coming needs to come this summer especially for them.

>> that's the best part you can be 5 months old or 50 years old, you have everything from stuff for kids to karma and bamboo.

>> why did you look at me when you said 50 years old?

>> 35, 35.

>> is there a special food of the jersey shore that you can't wait to try today?

>> cheeseballs.

>> cakes.

>> oreos.

>> food is good.

>> we have all of you together. does that mean there will be some trouble here today? are you going to be good?

>> you know it.

>> we'll have some fun.

>> the governor's here.