TODAY   |  May 24, 2013

Giada takes a Jersey Shore boardwalk food tour

In addition to sun and sea, the Jersey Shore is famous for its boardwalk eats. Giada De Laurentiis makes her way down the newly reopened boardwalk to sample some of the best bites in town, including fried Oreos, pizza, and oysters.

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>> jersey shore is known for its food, some wonderful delicacies and who better to taste some of them than our own giada de laurentiis , good morning.

>> good morning.

>> so what did you find?

>> well, this isn't just food heaven here, this is actually fried food heaven. i came hungry and really take a look. up and down the boardwalk tempting tastes every step of the way. ready to indulge? there's nothing quite like a fried oreo.

>> the batter forms a shell around the cookie.

>> full perfection inside.

>> i like them small.

>> she's right.

>> another shore staple a delicious hot slight at maruccha's try the swirl tomato pie . i'm here to work.

>> push it down directly and then the sauce take your try at the signature swirl. want me to do that? how is that?

>> very good.

>> 24 inches exactly. i don't know that my hands are big enough. you've got to sample the seafood. i used to do a lot of shucking of oysters and fresh oysters are the way to go. look at that beauty oh yeah, welcome to the jersey shore . when you crave creamy and cold there's nothing like a cone at kohr's. it's cold and thick. sherbet or chocolate what is your pleasure? i love chocolate but the sherbet wins the prize. why not top it off with taffy. at berklee's you'll find every flavor imaginable. i've never been to the jersey shore before but after the way i ate today, this california girl will be back for sure.

>> all right we're joined by mary pat, the first lady of new jersey. you must love this food.

>> it's amazing, nothing like the shore on the boardwalk.

>> one of my favorite things yesterday i discovered were the deep fried oreos.

>> wow.

>> she's never had one.

>> i haven't.

>> what do you think?

>> cheers.

>> cheers, go for it.

>> there's cheese balls over here, we have the cheesesteak, anybody want a hot cheesesteak, matt? i just made it.

>> a little lemonade.

>> wait a second are you drinking lemonade to wash down the fried oreo.

>> absolutely.

>> wasn't good?

>> it was good, really good.

>> anything to wash it down.

>> cheesesteak and sausage and pizza, the jersey boardwalk.

>> absolutely it's a national dine out day with an emphasis on jersey shore . tell us about that.

>> all over the country we are having national dine out day in strounts li restaurants like benihana and olive garden and the proceeds will help the jersey shore recover.

>> cheese, the sauce.

>> where is the closest emergency room .

>> how many calories in that?

>> you're running along the beach and burning it all off.

>> sausage and peppers. classic.

>> before you take a bite, so much attention on the boardwalk and shore area here in new jersey, but it's a big state.

>> thank you.

>> what does this place mean to the rest of the state?

>> there's no doubt if you look at the top, we have a great sign and it's turning around it again and it's iconic, it's what we live for at the jersey shore and the sum per.

>> as you've traveled around and talked to some of the people who have lived in this area what have they told you about their needs that still remain?

>> their childhood memories they want to come back and get their houses up so that they can be here all summer and you know enjoy the waves and the beach.

>> hopefully the weather will cooperate.

>> you guys are emblematic of all the shore communities up and down the eastern seaboard that have really worked to get back.

>> no doubt. we've been walking the communities and seen the devastation so i think it gives us a real sense of mission to help them get back on their feet again.

>> it's memories and families coming together. i have memories of coming here, college and when i was a little bit younger. do you have those memories as well?

>> absolutely. as a child i came here and certainly with our children we have gone on the ferris wheel and the roller coaster and the games, the skee ball , it is truly, we talk about it but it happens.

>> more memories to come.

>> this is your first time here and now you've sampled some of the food. do i see a future giada cookbook cookbook, giada does the jersey shore ? nevermind. we're back after your local news.