TODAY   |  May 24, 2013

Christie cuts 5-mile ribbon to reopen Jersey Shore

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie takes scissors to a 5-mile-long ribbon to celebrate the start of the summer season and the Jersey Shore community’s hard work rebuilding their homes.

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>> about to cut the ribbon and officially reopen this area.

>> this is a record-setting ribbon, five miles long.

>> we're breaking it here. we'll be in the " guinness book of world records ," me and you, savannah.

>> when you looked at this area seven months ago, governor and mrs. christie did you ever think you'd be able to do this memorial day weekend ?

>> we did. new jersey is resilient. we're coming back.

>> i was hopeful. i wasn't as confident as she was but i was hopeful because of all the folks here today and the local officials that got it done, an amazing job, really great.

>> and what it means to the people of new jersey to watch you do what you're going to do.

>> it means everything. anybody who lives in new jersey and willie can say this, he's a jersey guy, the jersey shore is in your heart so to see this reopened means everything to our state.

>> jersey guy or anybody really would feel comfortable handing you scissors.