TODAY   |  May 23, 2013

Josiah: ‘No regrets’ for ‘Voice’ song choice

Josiah Hawley, the talented pop rocker from NBC’s hit show “The Voice,” says that even though some people questioned his last song, he has no regrets.

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>>> arkansas native josiah made a big impression when he auditioned for "the voice" capturing the attention of three coaches and every single female viewer in the country.

>> but the team voted off two judges, which meant the end of the road for this young man. i have a feeling you're going to be okay.

>> first of all, congratulations for getting as far as you did. what was it like being on that stage? it was a nail-biter for us watching.

>> it was an amazing experience, i got to hang out with the likes of usher and being trained and mentored by them. unforgotable experience.

>> apparently the other judges weren't crazy about the song that usher had picked for you. if you could wind it back, which song would you have chose snn.

>> i wouldn't have changed it. i love the song. i think i had a good performance. the next day i spoke with usher and he said honestly, dude, i watched it back and he said i'm very proud of you, you did a good job.

>> so no regrets.

>> no regrets.

>> we want to know what's next. we saw you and we know you're going to have a long run with your career. do you have ideas of what you're going to be doing soon?

>> i've got some ideas. music is what i want to be doing full time . it's the transition into that. so i could use a new manager.

>> your phone will ring now. you also have a modeling career that you can always fall back on if things get a little tight.

>> i enjoy doing that but the goal has always been music and my push for years and that's what i want to do full time .

>> and you're taken? you're taken? you're happily married. but sing a little love song for us to your wife as we go out, okay? as we wish you a beautiful lady, a great career.

>> thank you. sunday morning rain