TODAY   |  May 23, 2013

New makeover leaves woman speechless

Stylist to the stars Louis Licari and TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas make over a grandmother from Ohio who is visiting New York City with her grandkids. Another woman chosen for a makeover almost doesn’t recognize herself with her new knockout look.

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>>> we're back on this thirst-day thursday with today's plaza ambush makeover , where two ladies are swept off our plaza and into hair and makeup .

>> courtesy of our "today" ambush makeup team.

>> with "today" contributor to the stars. louis liccari, la la la la la

>> and "today" contributor and almost married, bobbie thomas.

>> it's such an exciting day. bobbie is getting married and we have the makeovers.

>> not today.

>> nice of you to take time out of your busy schedule to join us, bobbie.

>> first up, donna king is 65 years old from springboros, ohio, when we asked what she did with her hair each morning, she said not much. her grandkids were thrilled when we approached her on the plaza, let's take a listen.

>> hi i'm here with donna and her grandchildren and nieces and bryce, why do you think she deserves a makeover?

>> because she does a lot of stuff for us and she takes us -- she takes us to new york and we wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for her.

>> aw, it sounds like you're selfless and girls, what would you like to see her wear?

>> i'm not sure.

>> i thought you had an answer.

>> underarmor and some nike shoes .

>> so workout wear, but i think we might put her in a dress. how does that sound, donna ?

>> that sounds good.

>> vickie and rhonda raise your hands, and her grandkids. here is a picture of donna king before. all right, donna , let's see the new you.

>> oh! all right.

>> okay. are you guys ready?

>> take off your blindfolds.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> you look hot.

>> okay, donna , are you ready?

>> spin over here and look.

>> you look good.

>> i'm sorry, fancy.

>> look right here at camera 12. louis , louis , nicely done.

>> the fact that you're a grandmother amazes me. i can't even -- it doesn't register at all. this is arden's haircut. he raised the bob, it made it more appropriate for her body shape and face shape and the bangs, peek-a-boo bangs. what could be sexier. i added soft highlights to add to the texture of her hair. it's a bob, but it's got feeling.

>> a what do you guys think?

>> i think she looks fantastic.

>> what do you think?

>> wow.

>> they're not tennis shoes , what do you think?

>> looks good.

>> bobbie, that dress is perfect.

>> tell us about it.

>> the perfect color, it's a muse dress and i love the neckline, because it was built-in jewelry but you can still go walk around the city with the kids.

>> a big round of applause for donna .

>> our second lady is andrea michaelson. 56 from farmingville, new york. she constantly struggles with trying to rein in her hair. so she begged us to help her tame her mane.

>> i'm here with andrea and her daughter and we've been discussing not only that you deserve a makeover. but what would you like to see her in?

>> a more form-fitting dress, probably.

>> and you're afraid of anything tight, right?

>> nothing tight.

>> i threw all my tight clothes out.

>> i'm dressing a little more with the flowy things.

>> well we're going to negotiate between flowy and spandex. okay? you're in good hands, i promise.

>> okay.

>> i got a feeling bobbie won that one. andrea is here with her daughter, melissa . we're going to take one last look at andrea before and bring the new andrea michaelson right in.

>> oh wow!

>> now that is a change.

>> all right. melissa , you want to take it off -- oh my god!

>> that is a different human being .

>> andrea , turn around. you're not going to recognize yourself. are you ready! [ scream ]

>> you're like the real housewives of farmingville.

>> turn right here and look at camera 12, sweetie.

>> louis , you made her a strawberry redhead.

>> i wanted to soften her. she always went to the darkest burgundy browns and it made her, it almost created shadows on her face. i figurered take it will other direction, let's go strawberry blonde . just a very light strawberry. you can see it just lifted, made her skin creamy. that plus the haircut and the makeup it's a completely different woman.

>> what do you think, melissa ?

>> oh, my god. you look like -- like lucille ball ?

>> how about marilyn monroe .

>> she was a beautiful woman. and tell us about the outfit.

>> i'm just excited. i got to pick pink. and louis , you rock. when we talked beforehand about your color hair, you had the plum color, but your coloring we were having that conversation, this is so good for to you go lighter and warmer and then just have the fun bow belt and white shoes .

>> a beautiful figure, that dress --

>> exactly, it's by muse.

>> a big round of applause.

>> thank you, louis , thank you, bobbie.