TODAY   |  May 23, 2013

Anne Heche: Fun ‘exploring’ spirituality in sitcom

Actress Anne Heche is staring in a new NBC comedy called “Save Me,” in which her character has had a near-death experience and now regularly hears from God. She tells Kathie Lee and Hoda that she has enjoyed exploring spirituality and getting to know God through the role.

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>> we didn't write that.

>> we're talking about the tony and emmy-nominated actress, who is starring in the nbc comedy "save me." anne heche .

>> after the near-death experience, she discovers that she can talk to god. take a look.

>> god talks to me.

>> lucky you.

>> right? that's the best response i've heard. most people say don't be a liar. hey you should probably get your head examined.

>> well whoever says that to you, poo-poo on them, i think you're special.

>> hey, pastor jim .

>> god told me to tell you something, pastor jim .

>> god talks to you, too?

>> yes. god says you can be 242 years old, pasten jim . that's old.

>> yeah.

>> and anne is with us today.

>> i only saw the first episode of this and i thought it was quite clever and tough material to carry off without it seemg satirical. and you're terrific.

>> i definitely --

>> i want to open up the conversation of spirituality and god. just like in that clip. who doesn't talk to god. what does it mean to you and how would it be different.

>> well the opening scene is great. you're drunk off your butt. you've been out all night.

>> well i'm drunk off my butt right now, that's a given. where's my wine?

>> you find your husband, the adorable michael. michael landis.

>> in bed with the very, very pretty mistress that he has and you go to bludgeon him but think better of it, right?

>> who doesn't want to kill their husband, that's kind of logical, right? but at the end of the -- well i don't want to give it away. but something happens to her, too. i don't know if it's god's power or mine. but there's a sandwich involved and a near-death experience and lightning and it ends up with her in the hospital.

>> but with a whole new persona.

>> yeah.

>> this must have been an interesting script to get because it is very, very funny. parts of it are terrific. but there is a serious message underneath of it all.

>> i think people are wanting to do something a little bit different on the network. when they came to me and said what would you feel about doing a comedy about a woman who talks to god and i said that's right up my alley. i'm interested in spirituality. i'm interested in having a conversation about what god means to us. how we are interpreting hope -- prayer, morality. sensitivity. love, consciousness, all of that stuff through somebody who is obviously imagining that she's talking directly to the yaalmighty and that's very confusing for everybody else .

>> let's say you've burned many bridges in your life and some of your friends who don't want anything to do with you. now you've got a direct line. so now you've got this advice that they -- like --

>> well i have knowings about people. god tells me things. and then they don't understand how that's happening. and i think that's what the kind of magic of the show is. beth has gone through a transformation, she's been given a second chance at her life to make it right. so all of this wonderful joy and glory and enthusiasm is coming out of her and she has all of these knowings about everybody else . where is it coming if it's not god. my husband said please tell me you said todd, not god. if all of a sudden you came on the show and said the show is going to change a little bit this morning because god is talking to me.

>> i say that every day.

>> many people do. and that's kind of what i want to be exploring.

>> you know, it's brave and i think it's terrific. and you're a lot of fun.

>> how is the rest of your life? you have two lovely kids, and a great boyfriend.

>> and one named atlas?

>> atlas, he's four and living up to his name, he's such a tank. james homer acts seven and he's 11 and atty acts four and he's seven.

>> we're happy to welcome you to the nbc family and we hope you're around for