TODAY   |  May 23, 2013

Hillary Clinton, Beyonce among Forbes’ powerful women

The TODAY anchors chat about the topics making headlines, including Forbes magazine’s annual list of the 100 most powerful women, which this year includes Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, and Hillary Clinton.

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>> take three. a few hours ago, al just landed here from oklahoma without sleep working hard for the last several days.

>> you know what, what we did was inconsequential compared to what the first responders did. and now, the volunteers there who are helping all these folks. what's amazing to me was that literally the skies were barely clear and people were out helping people that they had no -- they had never met before. churches getting together and organizing and swooping down and swarming and helping the folks of moore. where that tornado hit.

>> and there's been so many uplifting and incredible stories as we've been hearing and stories of survival. in fact, a great story that we're hearing about this morning is a new baby that was born there. in fact, 25-year-old shayla thomas was in labor when that tornado hit. and she just delivered a little baby boy . let's take a listen to her.

>> i look up at the ceiling and you see the tiles and stuff in the ceiling shaking and you see insulation start to fall. so i turned my head sideways and closed my eyes and i'm holding, you know, nurses' hands and we're there praying. i open my eyes because i can kind of see sunlight and i look as i open my eyes to the left, the wall was gone. the first thing i did, of course, was ask if all the nurses were still there and if they were okay.

>> wow. just an incredible story. and shayla was transported to the hospital, had a c-section, the baby's name braden emanuel. his name means god with us . and the interesting thing, they chose the name before all this happened and so she's now saying now i know why we chose that name. incredible story.

>> beautiful story.

>> there were a lot of miracles that happened in the middle of all of this.

>> we're glad to see that.

>> we'll keep our focus on oklahoma as we go forward here. we move to our take two. talking a little bit about the "forbes" 100 most powerful women. german chancellor angela merkel .

>> she's been on that list for a long time.

>> seventh time.

>> it's great.

>> and we have the brazilian president , melinda gates , wife of bill gates , first lady michelle obama , hillary clinton rounding out the top five.

>> some celebrities in the top 50 , beyonce was in at number 17 , angelina jolie , 37, lady gaga at 45.

>> and number six, facebook executive sheryl samberg. then you had arianna huffington of "the huffington post " giving the commencement address. getting a lot of buzz online saying she feels we need both men and women need to redefine what we see as success.

>> i think her message is so important in this day in age because so many of us are in the rat race . and you end up thinking it's all about career, it's all about making sure you hit that milestone and doing and being successful at your job. but it really, arianna huffington 's message was making sure that she said the third metric about success should be happiness, fulfillment, do you feel you've succeeded in being a good person? and i think that sadly is something that a lot of people don't think about that much.

>> that's right.

>> are they really happy with their lives?

>> let's read a part of her speech. she says i beg you don't buy society's definition of success. it's not working for anyone. not working for women, men, for polar bears , she says. it's not working for the cicadas apparently about to emerge, only working for those who make pharmaceuticals for stress, diabetes, heart disease , sleeplessness. she's been accused of going against of all of the things we hear. that you have to be hard-charging, racing up the corporate ladder.

>> not that she isn't any one of those.

>> she's done incredibly well.

>> certainly.

>> but it's an important message. something resinating a lot with women. and men.

>> and i think more and more men are really -- it really does. we've had gretchen ruben on a number of times.

>> yes, exactly, the happiness project.

>> and i think this is really taking root with people. because at the end of the day , it's not so much about how much you have, it's about how much happiness and fulfillment you have.

>> absolutely. and there was a picture that was going around after oklahoma in the tornadoes. there was a picture of the sign that was laying in the rubble and it said something to the effect that, you know, things don't matter, it's all about having your family around you. and that's ultimately what it comes down to. you know, your measure of success really should be about the people around you and the happiness you have in your life and fulfillment.

>> it's a great message.

>> really quick before we go, our take three, amusement park roller coaster memory.

>> my first amusement park was also my first appearance on tv.

>> really?

>> yeah.

>> in new york city , an amusement park called freedom land. it was the east coast 's answer to disneyland, like a frontier theme park and there was a local kids show . and i told a joke, i stumped sonny fox and won a home run baseball.

>> and you were a hit right away.

>> i was 7 years old.

>> a career was born.

>> we were just here two months ago with my kids and we hit up all the roller coasters in the park. i love this place. we came for harry potter world, which have you been there yet?

>> no, not yet.

>> unreal, it's incredible how down to the -- have you had some of these? go ahead, try some.

>> can i give you some advice on the -- they're all really delicious. they're tropical flavored.

>> mmm.

>> did you salt?

>> try it.

>> did you give him one of the vomit or the booger?

>> i don't know. what did it taste like?

>> sulfur. sulfur flavored jelly bean .

>> you got the special one.

>> al knows a little bit better.

>> that's horrible. i can't even share a fun childhood memory at this point.

>> you're going to share that again a little later.