TODAY   |  May 23, 2013

Steve Schirripa experiences wilderness in Yellowstone

Brooklyn-born “Sopranos” actor Steve Schirripa takes a trip outside the city to get an initiation into wilderness living, learning to fly-fish and taking a ride on a mule.

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>>> we're back at 8:45. as you probably know, we were all headed to yellowstone national park as part of our great american adventure when that tornado in oklahoma changed our plans. actor and author steve schirripa was going to join us there and made the trip ahead of time to find out how city folks cut it in the wilderness. legend has it there's a man who lives deep in the wilderness.

>> i heard he fishes with his bare hands.

>> i heard he was raised by wolves .

>> a man so rugged, so extreme he's known around these parts simply as el oso , the bear. he rarely ventures into the civilized world, he's rarely been seen until now.

>> hey.

>> howdy.

>> i'm steve .

>> steve , i'm jenny. nice to meet you.

>> so you going to teach me how to fly fish ?

>> i'm going to do it. you can't do it looking like that. hate to say.

>> what's wrong with this?

>> you ready to hit the water?

>> let's go.

>> this ain't coney island , i'll tell you that. all right.

>> maybe not.

>> this is terrible!

>> no, no, no, it wasn't that bad.

>> i'd rather go to the fish store. have you taught celebrities, other famous people ?

>> yeah. you're the biggest.

>> you're the biggest, not the most famous, the biggest.

>> their her waders, weren't they?

>> they were not.

>> tell the truth.

>> come on, baby.

>> you really can't find any better place to fly fish than montana , especially here. you have people coming all over the world to fish here.

>> i taught oprah to fish, gayle to fish, kevin costner to fish. it's some of the hardest fishing you can get out here.

>> oh, this is where the fish are. wonder why i didn't catch nothing earlier.

>> there it is!

>> oh, come on, baby! come on! we got one!

>> you got it. all right.

>> let me say hello to it first.

>> this is a rainbow trout . well done. i'm so proud of you.

>> whenever you come to montana , there's one food everyone has to try.

>> a little bit of new york right here in montana . not bad. can anyone say frozen? so i'm here with warren. let me ask you, how long have you had the ranch here?

>> since 1979 .

>> what time do you wake up in the morning?

>> 3:30 every morning.

>> 3:30, you're like matt lauer . i assume one of these beautiful horses i'm going to get up on. this is a tall one.

>> no, none of these horses here, steve . your horse is in the barn.

>> special horse?

>> yeah, special.

>> let's go, pal.

>> whoa, whoa, whoa.

>> here's your horse.

>> get out of here. what's the name of this horse?

>> wildfire.

>> really? i'm not riding that. i'm not riding that, warren.

>> he's really gentle, steve .

>> yeah, i can see.

>> no, no, no.

>> that's the best you got, huh?

>> that's the best i got. think you can handle it?

>> let's do it.

>> this is what i'm talking about festus, the mule here in montana for the "today" show. all right, easy baby.

>> i wanted to see him on wildfire.

>> i know. oh, my gosh, the clap, it's killing me.

>> we want to thank steve for being such a great sport and, of course, we're sorry we never made it out to yellowstone, it would have been a lot of fun.