TODAY   |  May 23, 2013

What was E.T.’s favorite candy?

The TODAY anchors engage in a little friendly competition as Savannah, Matt, and Tamron take on Willie, Natalie, and Al in a movie trivia quiz.

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>>> the morning at universal orlando resort . and guys, i guess you've been studying and you have a little challenge for us.

>> we sure do, guys. so you know, of course, the rides here include everything from the hulk, spider-man, jurassic park , we thought we would test your movie trivia knowledge and put it to a little game.

>> and we've asked greg foster of universal orlando . he's the emcee to help us out. the first question goes to new york but we can steal, is that correct?

>> correct.

>> take it away.

>> all right, everybody. let's get started. this first question is going to go to matt, savannah and tamron in new york . the wizarding world of harry potter is here at universal orlando resort . how many harry potter films were made in the franchise?

>> five.

>> i know.

>> i'm going to go with there are seven.

>> i know. can we steal?

>> that's your answer?

>> is that our final answer.

>> sure, why not.

>> if we stall, we have to answer fewer questions.

>> okay.

>> seven.

>> that is incorrect.

>> eight.

>> eight is correct.

>> split the last book.

>> you're fired. both of you are fired.

>> these ringers are terrible.

>> second question, willie, natalie and al on the orlando team, which film was not directed by steven spielberg , a, jurassic park , b, jaws, c, the terminator, or d, "e.t.."

>> "terminator."

>> correct.

>> easy.

>> okay.

>> rub it in a little.

>> all right. now we're going back to new york . "despicable me 2" comes out later this summer, who voices the lead character? is it, a, robin williams , b, steve carrell , c, russell brandon, or d, jim carrey .

>> we are going to go with --

>> i think it's --

>> really?

>> i'm not sure.

>> i'm going to go with steve carrell . i'm going with steve carrell . i'm taking an educated guess .

>> that is correct!

>> i never get it. new york is on the board.

>> showed them a little mercy.

>> there we go, coming back to orlando . now, the sixth film in the " fast and the furious " franchise opens this week.

>> natalie just went to london and interviewed this entire cast.

>> this is us.

>> why don't you ask natalie what her middle name is?

>> i can give you --

>> the good thing is it isn't all about universal movies we've got coming out.

>> all right. now, this one for new york in the film "e.t." what is "e.t.'s" favorite candy.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> is it, a, m&ms, b, reese's pieces --

>> what's that?

>> reese's pieces.

>> that is correct. there it is. back to orlando , here we go. here we go.

>> that's a lot.

>> like two.

>> all right, guys. in the film "beetlejuice," what must be said three times to make him appear?

>> oh --

>> beetlejuice.

>> correct, yeah.

>> wow, that was tough. that was good.

>> here we go. we're coming back. coming back to new york . last question.

>> is that it?

>> we're done.

>> we're out of time.